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Chart of the week: Willingness to pay for digital media Amazon opened its marketplace for digital subscriptions recently. In some observers estimation, whatever this particular digital retailer gets into can be considered potentially profitable. On its site, fittingly dubbed "Subscribe with Amazon", media outlets can market magazines and newspapers digitally. Indeed, consumers seem to be willing to part with money for access to legacy media online. According to a recent Statista survey in February (https://www.statista.com/statistics/681181/willingness-to-pay-for-digital-media-united-kingdom-uk/), 21 per cent of the 40 to 49- year olds in Britain would be willing to pay for digital legacy formats, with the 30 to 39 age bracket coming in a close second with 19 per cent. The New York Times for example swung into the profit zone with a steady rise in digital subscriptions, adding 308,000 digital subs in first quarter of 2017. (This might also be down to the current political set-up in the U.S.)
DIS2017 speaker presentation: Srini Balasubramanian, Vikatan How editorial innovation really works
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