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Growth signs in some markets after economic downturn, says FIPP Trends report

The brand new edition of FIPP’s World Magazine Trends report shows that although the global economic downturn drastically affected the magazine media industry, some markets have been showing signs of growth over the last year.

The magazine industry suffered badly during the worldwide economic downturn which had a strong impact on magazine advertising revenue and sales, leading to magazine closures and cost-saving measures by many publishers around the world. Although the worst effects of the financial crisis seem to be behind us, the recovery for the magazine industry is expected to be slow, with magazine adspend in 2012 forecast to be significantly lower than prerecession levels in North America, Asia Pacific, Western Europe and Eastern and Central Europe.


Besides the financial crisis, the magazine industry has been affected by major structural changes to the media market as advertisers and consumers are increasingly attracted by online and digital products. However, these new technologies are increasingly seen by publishers not simply as a threat but also as an opportunity to expand their own activities to reach readers in different ways and provide new services to advertisers. The launch of iPad and similar tablet devices sparked a great deal of interest among publishers in 2010.


Read the rest of this article in the latest edition of FIPP Magazine World

The 17th edition of World Magazine Trends is the annual monitor of the magazine media, country-by-country, region-by-region and globally. 


The digital edition book, powered by Nxtbook, provides reports on 53 countries. It outlines the consumer and B2B magazine markets in each country including: number of titles; number of publishers; total copies sold or distributed; revenue sources; sales distribution breakdown; top publishing companies; average cover price and average issue readership (where available). Digital data includes internet penetration and mobile penetration, plus ereader and magazine website listings. 


Share of adspend and ad expenditure forecasts are provided by ZenithOptimedia. Global and regional B2B and consumer magazine circulation revenues are provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Other data is supplied by national associations, regional experts, publishers and consultants. iMonitor provided information on app trends.


Useful resources include a unique monitor of cross-border launches in the last year, tax on print, GDP and consumer prices (inflation rate). 


FIPP would like to thank the FIPP Strategic Sponsors for their on-going support which helps make reports like this possible: BPA Worldwide, Nxtbook, eZ Systems and Woodwing. 


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Published: 30/03/2012