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FIPP Insight Special Report: Focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), from FIPP World Magazine Trends

Data from PwC, ZenithOptimedia and other industry experts highlights the trends in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region. Download the full Special Report from FIPP's World Magazine Trends 2014/15.

Highlights from the FIPP Insight EMEA World Magazine Trends Special Report include: 


- The economy of the European Union generated a GDP of over US$17 trillion in 2013 according to Eurostat, which makes it the second largest economy in the world if treated as a single economy (first being the United States of America). 

- With 8 per cent GDP growth in 2013 Central & Eastern Europe is the second fastest growing economy (behind Latin America) in the world

- Russia – which accounts for 42 per cent of total GDP – is the main driver and in spite of the political crisis in Ukraine.

- The outlook is much more positive with ad expenditure forecast to shrink by just 0.5%, followed by recovery to 2.6 per cent growth in 2015 and 3.6 per cent growth in 2016.


- Nigeria has emerged as the largest economy in Africa with a GDP of 502 billion but has one of the lowest ratios on advertising expenditure. With a total adspend in 2013 of US$785 million the ratio is 0.16 per cent, one of the lowest in the region. 

- South Africa with a GDP of US$262 billion and an adspend of US$3,830 million has the highest ratio in the region (1.09 per cent).

- The worldwide average ratio is 0.69% and for MENA (Middle East and North Africa) this is 0.23 per cent.

- In MENA Saudi Arabia is the largest economy with a GDP of US$745 billion, but advertising revenue is so low, with ‘only’ US$602 million that it is one of the lowest in the MENA region. 

- Most of the revenue comes from circulations and will grow to 61 per cent in the near future.

Download the full FIPP Special Report: EMEA Trends 2014/15 (pdf)

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