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FIPP Research Awards 2014 shortlist announced

Twelve entries have been shortlisted for the FIPP’s 2014 Research Awards, which will take place on 16 June in Hamburg, Germany. The Awards will follow day one of the FIPP Research Forum – a two-day event for publishers, researchers and marketing executives in the magazine business, on 16-17 June.

Twelve entries have been shortlisted for the FIPP’s 2014 Research Awards, which will take place on 16 June in Hamburg, Germany. The Awards will follow day one of the FIPP Research Forum – a two-day event for publishers, researchers and marketing executives in the magazine business, on 16-17 June.

The FIPP Research Awards, now in their fifth year, reward research studies that promote the use of magazine media as an advertising medium, anywhere in the world.

The Awards were introduced in 2010, and have become an annual event. The objectives are to publicly acknowledge outstanding research, to spread knowledge about successful studies and to stimulate ideas for further projects.

The winners of the 2014 FIPP Research Awards will be announced on the evening of 16 June 2014 at the FIPP Research Forum, during a special dinner.

The shortlist covers a wide-range of subjects including: Magazines; how consumers connect via multiple platforms; consumer magazines and B2B media; qualitative and quantitative methods; neuroscience; how consumers use magazine media; methods of measuring advertising effectiveness and the results of effectiveness studies. The entries for the Awards cover a wide geographical spread, and the key points from each will be summarised at the FIPP Research Forum.

  • Abril/Ipsos, Brazil: ‘Engagement of Digital Magazine Readers’
  • ABM (American Business Media), USA: ‘The Value of B-2-B’
  • ARI (Spanish Magazines Association), Spain: ‘Atenea Digital’
  • Bauer Media, UK: ‘Heat – a Journey Into Neuroscience’
  • G+J Media Sales, Germany: ‘G+J Success Barometer’
  • Immediate Media, UK: ‘Silver Spoon – Bake With The Best’
  • IPC Media, UK: ‘Connected Consumers’
  • Magazine Publishers of Australia, Australia: ‘Magazine Audience Performance Predictor (mapp)’
  • Magazines Canada, Canada: ‘Media Connections Study’
  • Meredith Corporation, USA: ‘Magazine Advertising Drives TV Viewing’
  • Universidad de los Andes Santiago, Chile: ‘Engaging Readers: Magazine Advertising Effectiveness in Chile’
  • Universities of Zurich and Albany, Switzerland and USA: ‘Targeted Advertising in Magazine Markets & the Advent of the Internet’
Places are still available to attend the FIPP Research Forum and Awards. For more information about the programme, or to book your place, visit www.fippresearchforum.com or contact Claire Jones.
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