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  • Mobile is the status quo; voice will be the point of interaction Publishers should stop talking about “mobile or mobile first”, says Oliver von Wersch, digital consultant for G+J in Germany, because today everything starts with mobile. Moreover, the next big transformation – voice user interfaces – is already on its way… and is “a big one” for publishers to focus on. Published 27 April 2017 MagWorld
  • Measuring chatbots, and what makes for success While some industry sectors are only beginning to consider the potential of chatbots, others are long past the point. Their conversations are shifting to, among other things, figuring out how to better measure engagement and retention of users within their bot environments. Published 26 March 2017 MagWorld
  • John Wilpers showcases top trends included in new FIPP Innovation World Report Messaging apps and chatbots are two of the main developments media should be paying a lot more attention to than is already the case, John Wilpers, Innovation Media Consulting senior US director and author of FIPP’s annual Innovation World Report, said at Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin as he shared top media innovations from around the world. Published 20 March 2017 MagWorld
  • How to develop your chatbot strategy

    If you have Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant, then you probably start your morning with a conversation with a chatbot. Because let’s admit it: chatbots are already everywhere. On the one hand, we love to hate them because they are, well, not human. On the other, we love to love them because they create an interactive and personalised experience. Brands have been quick to adopt this technology. Too many media companies lag behind experimenting in this field.

    Published 16 March 2017 Insight News
  • British Vogue launches Facebook Messenger bot Last Friday British Vogue launched Vogue Fashion Update, the first Facebook Messenger bot that allows users to personalise their fashion news.  Published 17 February 2017 Industry News
  • How NBC News Digital innovates in the newsroom
    How do newsrooms go about trialling new technologies such as drones, virtual reality and chatbots? One man who deals with innovation issues on a daily basis is Moritz Gimbel, VP of product for the NBC News Digital Group. Moritz oversees product development and design for NBCNews, MSNBC, and Today across web, mobile, OTT and distributed platforms.
    Published 16 February 2017 MagWorld
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