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Professional Development

About the MBMC

Take a look at what our 2014 graduates had to say about FIPP's MBMC:

The FIPP Magazine Brand Management Certificate (MBMC) development programme was launched in 2005 and since then has equipped magazine managers from around  the world with the knowledge and skills required to successfully manage and grow their magazine brands.

MBMC Workshops for an integral part of the courseOver the nine programmes over 150 participants, from more than 31 countries, have attended the course.  The course itself is challenging and hard work, but a highly valuable and rewarding experience.  Many graduates of the programme have developed a strong professional network from their time on the course. And this is just one of the benefits that participants enjoy, aside from the unequalled education and insight that the course provides the course has been a significant factor in many graduates careers.
Are you a rising magazine media industry star?
Then you will want to be part of FIPP’s Magazine Brand Management Certificate (MBMC) programme. This course is for publishing professionals who have the ambition and commitment to further themselves and help their brands to reach their full potential.
To view the different modules that take place in February, April and June, go to MBMC Course Facts, or download the brochure.
A unique training course - like no other... 
We believe (and from what past participant have said) one of the biggest benefits of attending the course is  the one you realise after you’ve completed it - and that is - what you can learn from everyone else that you meet on the programme.  The course is an amazing and unique opportunity. Have you ever had the chance to be in a room with your peers, exploring best practice, and learning from the experiences of others? Discussing how things work in other countries and learning about other markets are all a real valuable part of the programme.  The time away from the office is a good opportunity and environment to reflect and consider the bigger picture of your business.  But don't just take our word for it, here are some of the testimonials from past participants.
  • "I appreciate all examples from different countries which allow me to benchmark and evaluate performance of my titles or local market"
  • "A genuine opportunity to meet and learn from real experts"
  • "The FIPP course provided an excellent grounding for me. The theoretical aspects of the course combined with the real-world experience provided by the lecturers gave me a greater insight into the techniques of magazine publishing that I was able to apply to my job and this, in turn , has helped me move up to a full publisher’s role in my company”
  • “All the examples and the whole presentations were useful because it was very practical! It’s great to have such experienced course leaders”
  • "I’ll make a comparison between what I learned and my recent practice. I am sure it will help me to develop the work of my team. Thanks!”
  • "Gave valuable tools to create and drive a viable strategy"
  • “Learning from other students was extremely valuable, as their experience is a wonderful resource of good practice and excellent ideas.”
  • "It was more challenging than I expected, but that's exactly what I needed"

The MBMC concludes with a Graduation Dinner

The MBMC conculdes with a Graduation Dinner.