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FIPP strategic sponsor: BPA

BPA Worldwide is the world’s leading not for profit media auditor. BPA audits over 2,500 media audits in over 40 countries conducted from its 9 global offices. BPA is a founding member of the IFABC.
In 2009 BPA revolutionised the way media audits were provided to the industry by creating Brand reports which provided media owners for the first time both a unique and aggregate audience across all digital, live and print media.
Brand reports are created to the media owners specification, they represent the media brand. BPA currently produces over 300 brand reports annually covering over 1,000 media channels. Interested in research on your audience? You can include this on the Brand + Research Report.
In addition to the twice yearly brand reports, BPA also providescomplimentary monthly websiteaudit certificates to all members.
BPA’s Brand Reports provide all local, national and international media a key sales tool at a great price. 
BPA Compliance, a division of BPA Worldwide focuses on assurance to industry/government or internal standards.  Tailored services are performed by auditors who are fully certified in specific areas of compliance testing and analysis. BPA Compliance verifies your adherence to the recommended guidelines of industry bodies and government regulations, as well as self-declared or internal policies and controls. 
Examples include:

•  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR ) / Sustainability
• Privacy Policies
• Security and Risk Management
• Data Protection Best Practices
• Data Reporting According to Industry Guidelines
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Francis Stones


Published: 12/06/2001