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Strategic Sponsor - Dalim

Since 1985, Dalim Software has become a global leader in the design of software solutions enabling customer facing applications for brands, agencies, publishers, retailers, print or more generally marketing solutions providers. Our products are instrumental in the manufacturing of thousands of publications around the world today because they bring Enterprise level automation to an otherwise labour intensive industry. From collaborative online approval to extended web-enabled production, our platforms leverage the internet for digital content creation, collaboration, tracking and transformation for cross media delivery. Internationally trusted by the publishing industry, Dalim Software automation tools extend the reach of its users throughout the supply chain. 

Contact Dalim:
Strassburger Strasse 6
77694 Kehl
+49 7851 91960

CONTACT: Carol Werlé; CEO, Hervé Murgalé, strategic account consulting
Published: 12/06/2001