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FIPP strategic sponsor: eZ Systems

eZ Systems is the creator of eZ Publish, one of the world’s leading multi-channel content management systems for the media industry. Its platform is used by more than 400 media brands worldwide including many of the world’s leading international media companies, including Arnoldo Mondadori, G+J International, Lagardère Active, News Magazines, Prisma Presse, Sanoma Magazines and the Wall Street Journal.

Its web-publishing platform is the only platform designed specifically for magazine and newspaper publishers, to ensure the simple editorial management and delivery of content. eZ Publish allows users to place content within a single platform able to handle a variety of content types, from a variety of content sources, in order to be able to efficiently re-use and monetise that content across different channels such as online, mobile/iPhone, print, video, e-readers/iPad, community and e-commerce.

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Published: 12/06/2001