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FIPP strategic sponsor: Woodwing

WoodWing Software offers state-of-the-art editorial solutions for the magazine, newspaper, book and corporate publishing markets. The company's suite of editorial solutions includes it's flagship Enterprise, publishing solution, allowing publishers to seamlessly push content to any publication channel be it print, online or mobile with a single click. WoodWing has established itself as the international leader in the magazine industry, demonstrating an unprecedented return on investment. WoodWing Software is located in Zaandam, The Netherlands, and has regional sales companies for Europe, the USA, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Customers are served through select partners.




Contact WoodWing:
WoodWing Software
Ronde Tocht 1d
1507 CC, Zaandam
The Netherlands
+31 75 614 3400

Published: 12/06/2001

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