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  • Is AI just a fad? Cutting through the hype to really understand what AI can do for publishers

    I’ll let you in on a secret – I’m tired of hearing about artificial intelligence.

    Published 27 July 2018 Opinion
  • Mr. Magazine™: Humanised content and your very human audience – it’s not bots out there reading your stuff

    In the summer of 2008, I wrote an article for the magazine of the Custom Publishing Council called “Content.” And while I realise that was 10 years ago, some things never age, such as the content of the “Content” article. That’s a lot of “content” you might say, and I agree with you. But content, good content combined with experience making, is what magazines are all about and custom publishing is still just as relevant and prevalent as it was in ’08, even more so.

    Published 20 July 2018 Opinion
  • Peter Houston talks: No jobs at the farmers’ market

    A UK Government investigation into the sustainability of ‘high-quality journalism’ has released a rather depressing snapshot of the state of regional newspapers across the country.

    Published 16 July 2018 Opinion
  • If only publishers followed the ASA mantra...

    At first glance it’s not immediately apparent that the Advertising Standards Authority mantra –‘legal, honest, decent and truthful’ – is relevant to today’s premium publishing world. It’s advertisers, publishers might argue, that should take their share of the blame for the mess that is today’s online publishing environment.

    Published 11 July 2018 Opinion
  • The circle of life

    Is my six-year-old nephew smarter than the media industry? It’s a ridiculous and somewhat surprising question to be asking myself after a weekend playing in Battersea Park and watching the Lion King with my little nephews. The question you are probably asking yourself is am I the modern-day version of Simba’s uncle, Scar – by inflicting such an emotional rollercoaster of a film on such young children?

    Published 29 June 2018 Opinion
  • Innovations in AI will help publishers increase dwell time and engagement

    We humans thrive on information. The new, the interesting, the useful and the entertaining all have a seductive power to engage our curious brains and help us make the intelligent decisions that have enabled our species to succeed. 

    Published 27 June 2018 Opinion
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FIPP newsletters allow you to keep up with industry trends, research, training and events across the world


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