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Ashley Norris ()

Ashley Norris is obsessed with technology and the opportunities it affords both media companies and brands. He has written for almost every UK newspaper and in the last decade has created publishing startups including the agency Sutro Digital. He is also obsessed with Lidos, cycling, 60s music and the Suffolk coast.

  • Apple News+ has arrived in the UK

    Six months after its US launch Apple’s digital news and magazine subscription service, Apple News+, has arrived in the UK. The new service gives users access to more than 150 publications for a single monthly fee. The move, an attempt to build a Spotify or Netflix for magazine/newspaper content, includes access to publications such as The Times and The Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan UK, Elle UK, Esquire UK, FourFourTwo, Empire and Hello! as well as a number of US magazines and newspapers.

    1st Oct 2019 Industry News
  • AI and media - where next?

    Perhaps the biggest issue surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), and in particular its use in the media, is that executives need to finally grasp what AI actually is. What jobs can it undertake, and how can it save publishers time and money and improve their products.

    13th May 2019 Features
  • Media innovation through tech: crypto, QR codes, AR and more

    Each year one of the key themes of DIS is how technology has energised magazine publishers in markets across the globe. This year was no different with a quartet of presentations all looking in detail at how digital innovation has helped move companies into new and lucrative directions.

    8th May 2019 Features
  • Nick Rockwell looks at the New York Times' innovations in the personalisation of content

    The last session of the first day at DIS featured Nick Rockwell, the CTO of New York Times. He took as his theme ‘News in the Age of Algorithmic Recommendation,’ and used the slot to explore the newspaper's innovations in the personalisation of content.

    26th Mar 2019 Features
  • How mergers and acquisitions reward innovation

    Keeping up with the demands of digital innovation as well as ever changing media marketplaces, has lead to a boom in mergers and acquisitions. In recent years we have seen publishers buying businesses to develop their existing brands via tech, events or digital services, or to acquire rivals and strengthen their positions in a specific market sector.

    26th Mar 2019 Features
  • Turning Trusted Media Brands (formerly Reader's Digest Association) into a multi-platform media company

    How do you take a world renowned print brand and transform it into a multi-platform media company? That was the task facing Vince Errico, when he took on the role of chief digital officer at Trusted Media Brands (formerly known as the Reader's Digest Association) three years ago.

    25th Mar 2019 Features
  • Facebook's director of media partnerships on how publishers can work with the platform

    Last year Facebook hired Jesper Doub, who was then CEO of German media giant Spiegel Online, to lead its new media partnership team. In the past the high profile executive has been both a critic of Facebook and a passionate advocate of its Facebook Journalism Project.

    18th Mar 2019 Features
  • How technology is changing content marketing

    There is a lot of discussion within the content marketing, and indeed the publishing industry in general, as to how recent technological innovations are going to change branded communications. Christine Beardsell, chief content officer and board member of C3, and presenter at DIS 2019, is among the figures leading the conversation. 

    18th Mar 2019 Features
  • How ProPublica approaches journalism in an age of fake news

    ProPublica is something of an American institution having been breaking investigative news stories since 2007. In an era of fast news where scoops invariably don’t stay that way for long ProPublica has among other things innovated in coverage of hate crimes, abuses by big tech companies and most recently the scandals that have dogged the Trump Administration.

    11th Mar 2019 Features
  • St. Joseph Media's Jacqueline Loch on how content marketing is powering Canadian publishing

    The Canadian publishing market is a fascinating one - with the local media not only having to create content in two languages, but also facing fierce competition from across the border in the US.

    7th Mar 2019 Features


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