Ashley Norris

Ashley Norris ()

Ashley Norris is obsessed with technology and the opportunities it affords both media companies and brands. He has written for almost every UK newspaper and in the last decade has created publishing startups including the agency Sutro Digital. He is also obsessed with Lidos, cycling, 60s music and the Suffolk coast.

  • Bauer Media’s Lucie Cave on Heat’s innovative Facebook Live experiments

    There is now a small but growing number of examples of magazine brands who have harnessed Facebook Live to increase brand awareness, especially among a younger audience. One intriguing example though of how a media brand has worked in a commercial way with a third party on Facebook Live is Heat’s recent campaign with Lifetime TV.

    23rd Oct 2017 Features
  • How a ‘digital guy’ ended up running a fast-growing print paper

    We speak to The New European’s editor, Matt Kelly, on pop up publishing, identity media and how a ‘digital guy’ has ended up helming this year’s most noteworthy print success.

    18th Oct 2017 Features
  • How artificial intelligence is set to impact media

    Artificial intelligence is a key technology that will transform many industries in the coming years. It is already playing an important role in the media, largely driven by the experiments of platforms like Google and Facebook.

    15th Oct 2017 Features
  • Three top editors on the changing nature of the job

    Time was when the role of an editor was fairly straightforward, not any more. The digital revolution means most editors need to not only understand the art of storytelling, but also how to weave content across multiple platforms often aimed at different audiences.

    15th Oct 2017 Features
  • Building B2C and B2B subscription revenues into the dominant revenue stream

    In an era of multiple publishing revenue streams one is prized above all others - subscriptions. Yet getting people to commit to pay for your media product over a period of time can be a long and complex process and relies not just on offering a quality product, but also delivering imaginative and compelling marketing.

    11th Oct 2017 Features
  • Wolfgang Blau on ‘the rise of two internets’ and other issues affecting publishers

    We are entering an era of two Internets – an “American”-owned one with Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon and a “Chinese”-owned one with Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent - Wolfgang Blau, president of Condé Nast International, told the audience in his keynote at the 41st FIPP World Congress in London today. It was one of several insights offered to delegates gathered in the packed main stage arena.

    10th Oct 2017 Features
  • Five core beliefs drive Abril’s strategic vision for the future

    “No other industry predicted its own doom as much as print media. The magazine is not dying, but it may be killing itself.”

    10th Oct 2017 Features
  • The New Statesman’s deputy editor, Helen Lewis on the renaissance in political podcasting

    From Brexit in the UK through to Trump in the US the last eighteen months have been an era characterised by political uncertainty. Yet the recasting of the political map has ironically enough been rather good news for current affairs focused newspapers and magazines, with broadsheet newspapers reporting soaring subscriptions and booming memberships schemes.

    7th Sep 2017 Features
  • 'There are big content marketing opportunities in the niches'

    Branded content, in all its various guises, has become a huge deal for mainstream publishers in recent years. From the meteoric growth of native advertising through to the labs that publishers have created, there is clearly a demand for brands to tell their stories in mainstream media. And in an era where consumers are increasingly ignoring display online ads, branded content has become a key revenue source.

    25th Aug 2017 Features
  • Azeem Azhar - the evolution of media and technology is both predictable and unpredictable

    For the last fifteen or so years Azeem Azhar has been a key commentator on the intersection of technology and online media. He has worked with both mainstream media companies like Reuters, The Guardian and the BBC alongside social startups like Peerindex and Mink Media. In many different capacities and different guises Azeem has been asked to predict the future, and many people are eager to hear what he has to say.

    9th Aug 2017 Features


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