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Chris Llewellyn October 2015 ()

Chris Llewellyn is president and CEO at FIPP.

  • Chris Llewellyn's 2016 magazine media predictions Another year, and once again it’s time to predict what the key media trends of 2016 will be. First of all we should consider what the macro economic, social, and political background will be.  19th Jan 2016 Opinion
  • Chris Llewellyn: The nurturing of young talent in our industry is tremendously important for its future Every year, I make lots of presentations to lots of people about the state of the magazine industry. One of my slides is a picture of a 26 year-old young man taken in 1905, and I challenge the audience to guess who it is. The usual response is silence.  10th Dec 2015 Features
  • Chris Llewellyn on the new frontiers of growth The most recent global advertising spend report from Carat forecast a positive picture for 2016 with growth globally predicted to be 4.5 per cent. Digging into the detail what struck me as interesting was that after China, with a 6.5 per cent expected growth, the fastest growing region of the world was forecast to be the Middle East and North Africa at 6.2 per cent. 12th Nov 2015 Opinion
  • Here's why London has the most important start-up scene outside of Silicon Valley A little over two years ago I was sharing a beer with a friend who told me about how he had been helping a start-up digital business with their finance and accounting structures. The business was an advertising technology company that gets video advertising watched, tracked and shared, by measuring creativity and matching it to the science of data analysis so that they massively increase viewer engagement. This is great news for the brands they work for and, crucially from my point of view, for publisher revenues. I was intrigued, so asked my friend to introduce me to the start-up’s founder. 8th Oct 2015 Opinion
  • From a red London bus to the Congress in Toronto: this is your future The big red double-decker bus is an iconic symbol of London. Now whilst a ride on one of these buses can be an experience to treasure for a tourist, it’s a rather different experience for the daily commuter and, lucky me, each morning I jump on to a crowded number 63 to get to FIPP’s central London offices. Now not that many years ago, to while away the time on a journey that is boringly familiar, a good number of my fellow passengers would be reading a newspaper but in the past year I honestly cannot remember seeing anyone reading a newspaper on their daily commute. No one.  12th Aug 2015 Opinion
  • Why publishers are changing everything Without wishing to denigrate the complex and fabulous analysis undertaken by the market research experts in our industry, in my short time as a market research manager when working on new projects I discovered that whatever the question, the consumer’s answer was consistently the same: "We’d like more of what we have already please, only can it be a bit better and a bit cheaper." 9th Jul 2015 Opinion
  • Developing cross-border business in an online world One of the big questions that we will be attempting to debate at the FIPP World Congress in Toronto in October is how brands are developing cross-border business in an online world where no borders exist. 11th Jun 2015 Opinion
  • The rise of online learning and its opportunity for publishers Whilst the big lifestyle and news brands are seen as the glamorous end of the magazine media industry, the bedrock has always been the thousands and thousands of specialist titles that exist to serve a passion – all the way from arts and crafts to zoology. 8th Apr 2015 Opinion
  • Chris Llewellyn: seven things I learned this month Chris Llewellyn sums up his month in magazine media, ranging from newsletter reading habits, to the changing nature of the company annual report. 11th Mar 2015 Opinion
  • Five key themes from the American Magazine Media Conference FIPP’s president and CEO on themes from MPA’s recent conference in New York: Content, brands, video, social media and, of course, print. 12th Feb 2015 Features


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