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  • Tom Bureau on the power of special interest The focus was on consumer relationships during Tom Bureau’s speech today at the FIPP World Congress in Toronto. Bureau, the CEO of UK-based Immediate Media Co, said its focus is on becoming the umbilical cord for their audiences and ensuring they are appealing to the right market at the right time. 15th Oct 2015 FIPP News
  • Video the “superhero” of content, says Hearst exec Melinda Lee, VP, digital content and audience development at Hearst Magazines International, began her speech at the FIPP World Congress this morning in Toronto by comparing the company’s content platforms to superheroes. Lee noted that content is king, and that without good content, no industry can be successful. 15th Oct 2015 FIPP News
  • How WeChat engages its community Wei Nie, mobile communities operations director for WeChat, explained to attendees at FIPP’s World Congress yesterday that WeChat is a platform that can be linked to people or organisations, but said that the platform is only an operator, and hopes that its users will produce the content. 15th Oct 2015 FIPP News
  • Time Inc.’s data journey, explained Today, it is important to be able to deliver information as quickly as possible while still maintaining efficiency and keeping costs low. Colin Bodell, executive VP and chief technology officer of Time Inc. noted that when he first began to work at Time Inc., its data centres were enormous, which was not particularly cost effective. 15th Oct 2015 FIPP News
  • Politico’s John Harris on the brand’s global expansion plans John Harris, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Politco, cannot stress enough that the success of a niche publication relies vastly on intimacy with the consumer. 15th Oct 2015 FIPP News
  • Creating a lifestyle company, the Rodale way Although Rodale is more than 70-years-old, it remains a small company and Scott Schulman, president of Rodale explained today at FIPP’s World Congress in Toronto, that even with its relatively small size, Rodale is completely focused on health and wellness and has proven to be a leader in its field. 14th Oct 2015 FIPP News


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