Dominik Grau

Dominik Grau ()

Dominik Grau is Chief Innovation Officer at Ebner Media Group

  • 10 strategies publishers can learn from content marketers Journalism and content marketing – they are two sides of the same industry. Journalism needs content to build brands, make markets and define opinions. Content marketing needs content to make money with opinions and stories based on brands’ messages.  11th May 2017 Opinion
  • Building the future of journalism: analyse, atomise, amplify, archive

    Content is a collection of data, an array of information and a bundle of details. As such content is flexible, it does not care on which platform it’s published or when it’s shared across social media and certainly content does not prefer one reader over the other.

    15th Mar 2017 Opinion
  • How to maximise the impact of your content Germany's Ebner Media Group looks at content from many different perspectives. For example: a long story is never just a long story, it is a collection of an array of facts, figures, data and elements that are called ‘minimum information units’ (MIUs). Combined with a ‘touchpoints matrix’, such MIUs can be powerful resources to maximise the impact of your content. Dominik Grau explains how. 13th Dec 2016 Features
  • How Germany's Handelsblatt Group is redefining journalism From content to community to a holistic experience. That is the essence of the transformation of Handelsblatt, the daily business newspaper of record in Germany. It’s an interesting showcase for other publishers. Dominik Grau explains why – and how you can replicate the strategy. 5th Oct 2016 Features
  • The five hottest content and commerce trends right now Dominik Grau, chief innovation officer at Ebner Media Group explains why education, predictive content, commerce clubs, smart niches and real-time relevancy are key content trends right now. 13th Sep 2016 Features
  • Attract, retain, monetise: The three essential steps to successful digital publishing In this post you’ll learn how to build predictable content universes that will grow your audience and will scale your revenues. The system is called attract-retain-monetise, it was invented by and we’ve integrated it into our workflows so that we can monetise through content and commerce models across our 40+ websites. 17th May 2016 Features
  • Five reasons why evergreen content boosts reader revenues At many of our 40+ websites, evergreen content delivers constant audience growth, boosts the SEO metrics, is perfect for social media and valid for years. Combined with a deliberate conversion strategy evergreen content also increases the overall audience revenues. Here’s our strategy and how you can benefit from it. 16th Feb 2016 Features
  • Five reasons to be optimistic about the future of media Media has become diverse, opportunities are plenty, and content is the new gold – that is the essence of the presentations at this year’s FIPP world magazine conference in Toronto (October 2015) and the Content Marketing World in Cleveland (September 2015). Both events are the global no. 1 in their respective markets with a plethora of speakers, from C-level executives to the most popular industry experts.  12th Nov 2015 Opinion
  • Four content marketing predictions for 2016 Dominik Grau makes four predictions for content marketing in 2016, based on dozens of conversations with executives, marketers, publishers and content professionals at this week's Content Marketing World event in the USA. 18th Sep 2015 Opinion
  • The hidden power of transactions The website portfolio of the Ebner Media Group consists of more than 40 B2C, B2B and transactional websites. Our teams write hundreds of news, reviews, interviews or features every month; they also produce videos, podcasts and photo slideshows. Atop of that are thousands of social media posts and fresh content for the many apps we own. And as if that were not enough, we still do print – at the moment, there are more than 80 magazines published by media companies that belong to the Ebner network.  17th Aug 2015 Opinion


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