Glenn Hansen

Glenn Hansen ()

Glenn is president and chief executive officer of BPA Worldwide. 

He has been instrumental in expanding BPA’s media membership globally. Under his leadership, BPA pioneered independent circulation and trade show attendance auditing in China beginning in 1996 and expanded its presence in greater Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Glenn and his team have worked extensively with governmental and media industry organizations around the globe to help establish and uphold world-class media-auditing standards. 

Under BPA’s iCompli division, Glenn and his team have expanded audit and certification services to protect brands from the risks they face every day, including: unsupportable claims, failure to protect confidential consumer data and negative brand perception in the marketplace. iCompli services include external assurance of government and industry standards including compliance with Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), and Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) guidelines, online audience measurement and advertising campaign reporting. 

Glenn is immediate past Treasurer of the International Advertising Association (IAA), Chairman of the International Committee of the American Business Media (ABM), served 8 years on the Executive Board of the International Federation of Audit Bureaus of Circulation (IFABC), is past President and Treasurer of the Asia Pacific ABC regional group of the IFABC and was chair of the IFABC Digital Publication Committee tasked with establishing global standards. Mr. Hansen also served on the Advisory Board of HCB Health, a full service advertising agency serving healthcare brands. And he is a member of the Union League Club of New York. 

He began his career with BPA as an auditor in BPA’s headquarters (then based in New York City, USA) in January 1980 and held various management positions in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, before becoming CEO. 

He avidly plays ice hockey, scuba dives ship wrecks and pilots his Cherokee 6X airplane.

  • Advertising transparency and trust: the case for independent verification of audience data In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace where media buyers are being held ever more accountable for buying decisions, margins and best industry practices, there is the danger that they may be relinquishing control of the process. This while those selling advertising solutions may be offering promises they cannot deliver. This begs the question, writes BPA Worldwide’s Glenn Hansen in this piece for FIPP: What traits and behaviours does the next generation marketer need to survive and thrive? 28th Jun 2017 Opinion


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