Jacqueline Koch

Jacqueline Koch is a media writer at Boost! Collective.

  • Why editorial metrics give journalism a boost Attention is no longer the mere act of close or careful observation. More than ever, it is the golden shekel in the media marketplace. And within a now well-established, highly-competitive and challenged attention economy, fierce battles are being waged to secure a slice of users’ limited bandwidth. 26th Sep 2016 Features
  • To stay relevant, digital advertising pivots to relevance There are hopeful signs that the web publishing industry is finally waking up to the perils of clickbait and bad online advertisements in general. A look at ad blocking figures alone reveals a sector that has been hitting the snooze alarm for too long. 31st Aug 2016 Features
  • The evolution of the paywall: From blunt instruments to sophisticated, creative solutions We spoke to Peter Richards, chief revenue officer of Piano about paywalls in 2016, and how personalisation has played a significant part in their evolution. 29th Aug 2016 Features
  • Native advertising: Easing the growing pains for consumers and publishers Take a peek at recent headlines describing the state of the media today. Most likely you’ll find scant good news amid the reports buzzing of radical change, job cuts and that 60 per cent of US newspaper jobs have vanished in 26 years. It’s feels a little like staring into a dark abyss. On the heels of these grim updates, the appeal of native advertising intensifies, a shiny object glittering in a mucky pool of disorienting uncertainty... 9th Aug 2016 Features
  • Artificial Intelligence unlocks the value of digital assets Artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding into an array of unexpected applications, looming ever larger on the horizon of our tech-powered future. It’s increasingly dominating media headlines as well. Take the recent news of AlphaGo. This is the AI “mind” that defeated one of the best players of Go, considered perhaps one of the most complex games developed by humans. 11th Jul 2016 Features
  • Test driving virtual reality in the newsroom "We’re hacking into the audio and visual systems of your brain," director Chris Milk and co-founder of VR company, Vrse said to The New York Times just over a year ago regarding virtual reality projects. "A major part of journalism is painting people a picture of what it was like to actually be there. With this, the audience actually feels like they are there." 13th Jun 2016 Features
  • The mobile data traffic crunch Recently, The New York Times measured the mix of advertising and editorial content on the mobile home pages of the top 50 news websites, their own included. What did they discover? 21st Apr 2016 Features
  • TED: Food for thought for millions For those who believe in the power of ideas, 2006 marked an inspiring moment in the digital space. It was the online debut of a rapidly growing collection of brief, well-choreographed, expertly lit and precisely paced lectures, or ‘talks’. They were focused at the intersection of technology, entertainment and design and are now well-known worldwide as TED. What has happened in the 10 years to follow, from 2006 to 2016? A lot.  4th Apr 2016 Features
  • The public takes a seat at the editor’s desk What is shifting the calculus in journalism today? Judging by a recent Pew Research Center report, it’s Kickstarter and a few other startups in the crowdfunding space. Anyone who believes that numbers tell the most compelling story will find this one very convincing. 25th Feb 2016 Features
  • Sit up and listen: Podcasting is the disruptive force in the mediasphere The end of 2015 offered many a prediction for the New Year and in the ever-evolving world of digital media, there is angst and excitement. But for some, there is unbridled exhilaration. Take celebrity digital strategist Rex Sorgatz, who was nothing short of exuberant in his forecast for podcasting which was published in the Harvard-based Neiman Journalism Lab. 9th Feb 2016 Features


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