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Jamie Gavin September 2016 ()

Jamie Gavin is managing director of inPress Online.

  • Three industry experts give their view on Apple’s new retargeting regulations

    Apple’s recent round of updates to the Safari browser incurred an open letter from the US advertising industry, stating that the changes could ‘sabotage the economic model of the internet’. But is the move really as dramatic as this? We spoke to three industry experts to get their views on how the new anti-tracking regulations are likely impact advertisers and publishers alike. 

    5th Oct 2017 Features
  • The politicising of Facebook: can the social network go on being both a news-source and a source of news?

    Facebook has either made, shown, or hit the headlines in recent weeks, depending on where you consume your news. But is this growing influence in both the media and political spheres reshaping the way consumers view the traditional press? We spoke to Jasper Jackson, digital editor for New Statesman, and UK political commentator, Sunny Hundal, about the increasing politicising of the World’s largest social media site. 

    4th Oct 2017 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from September

    Apple offends the online advertising industry, tech disruption causes further media-political blurring, Twitter doubles down on character length, and while all of that’s going on, Quartz drops the hottest augmented reality news app of the season – it’s another month in media tech trends!

    2nd Oct 2017 Features
  • Quartz makes the news with augmented reality

    Atlantic Media owned publication Quartz has added an augmented reality (AR) layer to its mobile news app, presenting audiences with a new way to consume global business news and current affairs. We spoke to product manager, John Keefe, about how the new innovation will be used to change the way audiences are served mobile content.

    21st Sep 2017 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from August

    August was an interesting month in media tech. With reports of fading fortunes in the agency and tech sectors, media owners seemed to fare more positively, with a raft of new revenue models being written about. Here, we look at five of the key media tech trends to emerge from the month.

    4th Sep 2017 Features
  • How Brazilian publisher Grupo Abril achieved revenue increases by decluttering ad inventory

    Originally founded as Editora Abril in 1950, Brazilian headquartered media owner, Grupo Abril, was the first publisher of Walt Disney comics in Brazil. It has since then grown to encompass a thriving multimedia business, and recently found success in improving CPM values by cleaning up its online inventory space. Here, we look at the technical and cultural process that helped to create this progression.

    31st Aug 2017 Features
  • Publishers should re-emphasise their behavioural roots to take on Facebook and Google

    With Facebook and Google predicted to take half of the World’s total digital ad-spend in 2017, it’s no surprise that other players in the industry have raised concerns. But by updating their own data offerings to better reflect advertisers needs, media owners can keep pace with changing digital trends.

    25th Aug 2017 Opinion
  • Five key media tech trends from July

    In a dramatic end to the month, another White House communications professional was removed from office, while Facebook reportedly had to shut down two artificial intelligence systems after they invented a language of their own and began conversing in it. Here, we look at the stories that made the media-tech headlines in July, and beyond to some of the more specific trends shaping our industry today.

    2nd Aug 2017 Features
  • Three things the new YouTube champion tells us about going viral Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again replaced Gangnam Style earlier this month as the most viewed YouTube video in history, much to the surprise of the industry and consumer press. Here, we look at some of the factors that have contributed to the video’s success, and how publishers can capitalise on this formula. 27th Jul 2017 Opinion
  • 14 different monetisation strategies and 10 different forms of media tech in a single publication With 14 different monetisation strategies and 10 different forms of media tech analysed, among other industry trends, the 2017-18 Innovation in Magazine Media Report is the most robust to date. Here, John Wilpers, author of the publication and senior director, US, for Innovation Media Consulting, talks us through the book along with his take on some of the wider industry trends to watch out for in 2017.  17th Jul 2017 FIPP News


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