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Jamie Gavin is managing director of inPress Online.

  • Business Insider, Mindshare, and Starcount give their insights into 2018

    Here, in this exclusive interview for FIPP, leading voices from the editorial (Jim Edwards, editor-in-chief, Business Insider UK), agency (Helen McRae, CEO, Mindshare) and data & research (Clive Humby, chief data scientist, Starcount) sectors give us their views on the big media tech trends that look set to impact the industry in 2018.

    8th Jan 2018 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from 2017

    In a break from our usual round-up of the previous month’s trends, we begin 2018 with a look back at five of the key media tech trends that impacted the industry most significantly in 2017.

    5th Jan 2018 Features
  • Dennis, India Today, Ebner, Future, The Economist and HBR on 2018 Media Tech Trends

    In an exclusive video article for FIPP, leading industry professionals from Dennis, India Today, Ebner Media Group, Future Publishing and The Economist, give us their views on the shape of the industry going into the new year, and what they see as being the leading media tech trends in 2018. Separately, the Publisher of Harvard Business Review also gives us his views.

    20th Dec 2017 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from November

    News of Time Inc.’s US$1.85bn acquisition by Meredith made it all the way to the Hollywood Reporter in November, as traditional magazine media was cast into the spotlight. Meanwhile, leading social mediums including Twitter, WhatsApp and Snapchat all experienced significant technical updates during the month. Here we look at five key media tech trends to hit the headlines in November.

    4th Dec 2017 Features
  • Prisma’s Philipp Schmidt on ‘the big data myth, keys to industry transition’

    Philipp Schmidt is the chief transformation officer for Prisma Media in France. Here, he talks us through some of the key challenges associated with updating traditional media brands, and now that the industry migration from print to digital has largely been made, looks at the next set of digital changes facing media.  

    4th Dec 2017 Features
  • [Video] Global reporting, multi-channel, journalism and fact checking in a fast-paced world

    Delhi-headquartered India Today Group has interests across publishing, broadcast, radio, television, and the web. Here, we speak to Loveena Tandon, UK and Europe correspondent for the platform, about some of the factors behind India Today’s editorial success, and providing quality journalism across channels in an increasingly converging media world. 

    29th Nov 2017 Features
  • Focus on behaviour, not technology, to identify emerging trends – Future Today Institute’s Amy Webb

    The Future Today Institute recently published its 2018 report into the emerging tech trends that are likely to shape the publishing industry in 2018. Here, we speak to Amy Webb, the founder of the organisation, about the development of study, and explains how better scientific modelling undertaken today can help us to predict future technologies.

    20th Nov 2017 Features
  • Futureproofing media companies against technological change

    With change occurring at such a rapid pace in digital media, adaptability can increasingly be one of the keys to publisher success. We caught up with Tushar Marwaha, partner relations associate for eZ Systems, on the sidelines of the recent FIPP World Congress in London about the steps that their publisher and industry clients are taking to futureproof themselves against further technological change.

    9th Nov 2017 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from October

    Behind the consumer headlines of Facebook and fake news, the business of media continued to march on in October 2017, with a raft of new announcements and emerging trends. We’ve here taken a look at five of the key updates from the month from an industry point of view. 

    6th Nov 2017 Features
  • Search, social, and media: where do publishers sit in a modern digital advertising campaign?

    With Google providing the go-to destination for search, and Facebook building advertiser offerings around social, there remains a place for quality content within digital advertising campaigns. Here, we speak to leading global analytics firm, comScore, and Your Life, a government-backed UK campaign charged with engaging young people, to get both sides of the industry view on where traditional publishers sit within the modern mix.

    2nd Nov 2017 Features


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