Janinne Brunyee

Janinne Brunyee ()

Janinne Brunyee is media and technology writer at Boost! Collective

  • Technology may be the key that unlocks the door to the white house As the US inches closer to the finishing line of the 2016 Presidential campaign season, many believe that technology will play a decisive role in determining the winner. 18th Oct 2016 Features
  • Data-driven storytelling: Making sense of facts and figures In today’s fast moving data-driven economy, being “scared of numbers” is becoming a major liability for both readers and writers. However, data also provides a great opportunity to uncover insights, discover connections and move knowledge forward. The challenge then is how to empower writers to tell the stories revealed by data in such a way that an average maths-averse reader can understand and embrace. 6th Sep 2016 Features
  • Native advertising takes to the airwaves When two trends collide, interesting opportunities emerge. This is very much the case for the twin trends of podcasting and branded content, where the former is becoming a force to be reckoned with. 23rd Aug 2016 Features
  • Is 'mobile first' limiting the potential of interactive storytelling? The statistics for mobile phone adoption are by now widely known and understood: 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally and growing to 6.1 billion in 2020. It is also common knowledge that more and more people are accessing magazines and news sites on their mobile devices rather than their laptop or desktop computer. 3rd Aug 2016 Features
  • From our archive: Using design thinking to drive innovation This story comes from our archive. At the time it was one of our most read and it's still relevant to the media industry. Most media companies today understand and have started the process of transforming for the digital age. Gone are the old business models that delivered audiences and revenue for many generations. In their place there is still much uncertainty as new technologies create new opportunities and new audiences require products and models that may not yet have been invented. 15th Jun 2016 Features
  • Creating video for millennial women Four-year-old AwesomenessTV is on a mission to create a global media brand targeted at Millennial women between 16 and 24. What started out as a single YouTube channel founded by television producer Brian Robbins, with US$5m in funding supplied by YouTube, has grown into a multi-channel network with 90,000 YouTube channels and over 3.3 million subscribers, a talent management service, a record label, movie studio and much more. The company was acquired by DreamWorks in 2013. 2nd Jun 2016 Features
  • From the Digital Innovators' Tour: A glimpse of LinkedIn's content strategy Participants on the Digital Innovators’ Tour got to experience LinkedIn’s brand new building in SOMA which is the startup mecca in downtown San Francisco. In spite of having moved in only four weeks ago, our LinkedIn host, Jessica Chan, who is responsible for business and strategy, seemed right at home in the bright and creative space. 25th Apr 2016 Features
  • From the Digital Innovators' Tour: Content for millennials at Hello Giggles HelloGiggles.com seems to have cracked the code on creating content for millennial women. After a flight from San Francisco, participants on the 2016 Digital Innovators’ Tour assembled in the beautiful conference room at HelloGiggles’ designer offices in downtown Los Angeles to meet general manager, Penelope Linge. 22nd Apr 2016 Features
  • From the Digital Innovators' Tour: User generated content syndication at Stackla It was a long and winding road that brought Stackla’s co-founders Robb Miller, Peter Cassidy and Damien Mahoney from Sydney, Australia to an office in San Francisco which is where participants on the 2016 Digital Innovators’ Tour met Peter yesterday. 20th Apr 2016 Features
  • From the Digital Innovators' Tour: Innovation at RocketSpace There is a growing trend in San Francisco/Silicon Valley where corporations are considering startups to be outsourced innovation labs – a kind of ‘try before you buy environment’. This means that corporations work with organisations like RocketSpace, a technology campus for entrepreneurs, startups and corporate innovation professionals, to identify startups working in areas of interest – and then acquire them so that they can take their products and services to scale. RocketSpace was the first company participants on the 2016 Digital Innovator’s Tour visited on day one. 19th Apr 2016 Features


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