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  • Storytelling, the NatGeo way

    National Geographic has been in the news lately for the expansion of its 18-year joint venture with 21st Century Fox. All media and business assets from the not-for profit National Geographic Society have been moved over to the for-profit joint venture.

    19th Oct 2015 FIPP News
  • Tech and data at the heart of Burda’s transformation Burda is a 65 year-old media business, with a strong print legacy. So when the global economic climate and reader habits began to change rapidly just a few years ago, the company knew it had to adapt in order to maintain its place of prominence around the world. 15th Oct 2015 FIPP News
  • Zinio president: Publishers need to think beyond apps Despite a slow start relative to other types of media like books and music, Kelly Conlin, president of Zinio, believes that there will be a lot of growth in the magazine industry over the coming years. 15th Oct 2015 FIPP News
  • Breaking the monthly publishing cycle: Top Gear’s story Simon Carrington, publishing director of Top Gear magazine spoke of the magazine’s journey from a monthly print publication to a constantly updating, interactive app at the FIPP World Congress in Toronto yesterday. 15th Oct 2015 FIPP News
  • House & Home president and publisher on innovation in magazines In a fireside chat at the FIPP World Congress today in Toronto, Lynda Reeves, founder, president and publisher of House & Home Media was interviewed by Jason Milne, VP of media services at EquiSoft and president of Breakwell & Company on a variety of topics from the veteran publishers multiplatform success to her opinion on native advertising. 14th Oct 2015 FIPP News
  • Tsuguhiko Kadokawa: facing magazines’ “difficult reality” Tsuguhiko Kadokawa has no illusions about the changes in the publishing industry. At the 2015 FIPP World Congress in Toronto, Canada, the chairman of Kadowaka Corporation in Japan, he reminded his audience that the industry is facing a “difficult reality”. He said that there has been a fundamental change in the way that people look at magazines because readers’ lifestyles have changed. 14th Oct 2015 FIPP News


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