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Jessica Patterson is a Canadian media professional. A digital native, Jessica is passionate about innovation and media and obsessed with magazines, photography and multiplatform strategy.

  • Using algorithms to bolster paid content and commerce strategies

    Dominik Grau, digital transformation expert, gave attendees a deep dive into building content strategies using algorithms and widgets that target audiences and boost commerce conversion rates, at MagNet, Magazines Canada's annual conference in Toronto April 24-25, 2019.

    7th May 2019 Features
  • Navigating uncertainty: how niche magazines are overcoming revenue challenges

    Niche magazines sat in the spotlight in a panel discussion at MagNet, Magazines Canada's annual conference for the magazine media community April 24-25 in Toronto, to discuss the trials and challenges they faced, and how they've overcome. Panellists gave insight into their own publications's issues and the solutions they've used to find success.

    6th May 2019 Features
  • How Meredith's Parents magazine creates content for millennial moms

    Last week, Canadian magazine publishers learned about Parennials, a new generation of Millennial parents with characteristics that make this target audience different from generations that came before them. Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Parents Magazine at Meredith Corporation, shared insights that are key to understanding this audience and what they want and need from their magazine media, at Magazines Canada's annual conference, MagNet, held in Toronto April 24-26.

    29th Apr 2019 Features
  • Bonnier and Meredith on the value of awards as revenue and engagement drivers

    Magazine branded awards range in scope from giant awards events, galas and ceremonies to print and digital content across platforms. Awards can bring in new readers through engagement, can raise awareness and promote magazine media brands, can increase revenue through ticket sales, sponsorships, affiliate revenue and the like.

    29th Apr 2019 Features
  • How live journalism is gaining traction and engaging audiences around the world

    The concept of live journalism, where journalists, illustrators, writers, editors, columnists, graphic designers, photographers, podcasters and artists, perform pieces of original content adapted for the stage, is growing beyond its Pop-Up magazine roots, and expanding across North America and Europe. 

    8th Apr 2019 Features
  • National Journal moves away from advertising revenue completely

    It's been five years in the making, but National Journal has successfully pulled away from advertising, as a revenue stream. Based in Washington, DC, National Journal is an Atlantic Media brand that serves government and business leaders with intelligence, insights, and tools, and a suite of trusted journalism including NJ Daily and Hotline. 

    1st Apr 2019 Features
  • Behind Editorial Perfil's launch of Marie Claire Argentina

    March marks the debut of a new title in publishing company Editorial Perfil's portfolio. In partnership with Marie Claire International, they launched Marie Claire Argentina with its debut issue hitting the streets February 28. 

    18th Mar 2019 Launches
  • Productivity hacks for magazine editors

    After years of shifts, downsizing, and mergers, some magazine media around the world are feeling the pinch. We're all dealing with strained and sometimes non-existent resources, stretched for time, and tasked these days with doing more with less.

    18th Mar 2019 Features
  • Time begins production on epic immersive, virtual reality experience

    Continuing FIPP's series looking behind the scenes of ground-breaking multimedia storytelling, we focus on a new project for Time magazine and studio partners Ryot and V.A.L.I.S., which is still in the early stages of production. 

    28th Feb 2019 Features
  • Why retention needs to be a bigger priority for magazine media in 2019

    As increasing numbers of news and magazine media publishers around the world look to reader revenue strategies for sustainable business growth, retention has taken on new importance across the magazine media landscape. 

    11th Feb 2019 Features


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