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Jon Watkins has held a range of editorial positions at a number of content agencies and writes on the regularly on issues facing the content industry.

  • Nordic warrior: transforming revenue models at Schibsted

    Norwegian-headquartered media giant Schibsted is often held up as a business that has transformed itself in recent years to remain relevant and thriving. Tor Jacobsen, SVP and chief consumer officer at Schibsted Media explains how the company has retained a focus on revenue generation during that transformation, and the role data is playing in driving growth.

    19th Jun 2019 Features
  • A blueprint for successful change

    Martha Stone Williams, CEO of World Newsmedia Network, discusses how the media industry must adapt to embrace innovation, how data and measurement must be the cornerstone of strategy and direction, and successful media firms implement a culture of experimentation.

    10th Jun 2019 Features
  • View from the Chair: ‘Much more than a conference’

    The FIPP World Media Congress 2019 will bring a host of high-profile speakers together in Las Vegas later this year to discuss the issues facing magazine media. But, as FIPP CEO James Hewes and event Chair Linda Thomas Brooks explain, it aims to offer a whole lot more too…

    28th May 2019 FIPP News
  • Power of print continues to shine

    In a multi-channel, multi-platform world, print continues to offer its own value.

    28th Mar 2019 Insight News
  • Trends industry leaders are thinking about for the future

    Artificial Intelligence, voice, AR/VR, events, and international expansion – these are some of the things that have industry leaders thinking as they contemplate the future and growth for their businesses.

    2nd Oct 2017 Features
  • Emerging tech for publishers: Google exec on the status of VR

    VR has been lauded as the next big opportunity for publishers to deliver a better experience for their audiences. Greg Ivanov, BD Google Play Apps & Games, shares his views on where VR currently stands and how publishers can embrace it…

    28th Sep 2017 Features
  • Top tips for transformation

    In the lead up to the 41st FIPP World Congress, 9-11 October in London, a selection of industry leaders who will be there offered us their tips for successfully evolving and transforming your publishing business…

    27th Sep 2017 Features
  • At the new Gruner + Jahr the only constant is ongoing renewal

    As one of Europe’s leading publishing houses, Gruner + Jahr has been through a period of major transition. Julia Jäkel, CEO, sets out how the business has managed that, and outlines the path for the future…

    18th Sep 2017 Features
  • Why print can be child’s play

    While the rise of digital has led many publishers to reduce their print offering, Dennis Publishing has continued to invest. Kerin O’Connor, chief executive of The Week at Dennis, explains how it’s found success with a print version of The Week for children – and what it can teach the industry about the future of print…

    18th Sep 2017 Features
  • New Hearst UK CEO’s strategy for success

    Having joined Hearst UK in April, James Wildman, new CEO, has clear plans for driving the business forward. Here, he talks cultural change, revenue generation and the future of the publishing industry…

    4th Sep 2017 Features


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