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Jon Watkins has held a range of editorial positions at a number of content agencies and writes on the regularly on issues facing the content industry.

  • Condé Nast VP of product on how AI will really transform the media world

    For a long time lauded as the way to automate large parts of the industry, AI is, according to Lindsay Silver, VP of product at Condé Nast, finally coming of age – and AI 2.0 will have plenty to offer beyond simply taking tasks away from the editors.

    15th Aug 2019 Features
  • Driving licenses

    Specialised content has always had great appeal when it comes to licensing and syndication. FIPP World Media Congress speaker Tim Hudson, director of international licensing and syndication at Immediate Media, explains the current market trends – and what’s likely to be the next big play around international licensing.

    12th Aug 2019 Features
  • Africa: a digital coming of age

    Africa’s lack of internet access has been well documented in recent years. However, growing access across the continent, together with a rapid uptake in smartphone use, is spurring publishers to change direction.

    24th Jul 2019 Features
  • The rise of the researcher

    With increased competition in the market, audiences demanding more relevant and topical content than ever before and engagement increasingly difficult to achieve, research is now at the heart of all good publishing strategies. Clarissa Moughrabi, head of research at Axel Springer in Germany explains how her team supports the business’s product teams as well as its wider strategy.

    24th Jul 2019 Features
  • eSports and publishing: maintaining a competitive edge

    eSports and publishing might seem worlds apart but, as former Olympic coach and eSports psychologist Mia Stellberg explains, rapidly changing marketplaces, technological disruption and the need to maintain a competitive edge mean they have more in common than you might think.

    15th Jul 2019 Features
  • Top trends for European publishers

    With the rapid pace of innovation and change in the world of media showing no signs of letting up, we explore the trends that industry leaders and FIPP World Media Congress speakers are seeing in the European publishing sector right now.

    8th Jul 2019 Features
  • Podcasts: A sound medium

    From Serial to This American Life and Ted Talks daily – podcasts have never been so popular. So, what exactly is their appeal and how might audio content evolve from here? We asked Andy Bowers, FIPP World Media Congress speaker and chief innovation officer at leading podcasting services and technology company Megaphone, to share his views.

    1st Jul 2019 Features
  • LATAM’s challenges and opportunities

    As we gear up to explore global publishing trends at the FIPP World Media Congress, we ask Gustavo Bruno, director of circulation at Argentinian publisher Perfil and chair of the Argentinian publishing body AAER to offer some insight into the region and his own company’s strategy for success.

    1st Jul 2019 Features
  • Nordic warrior: transforming revenue models at Schibsted

    Norwegian-headquartered media giant Schibsted is often held up as a business that has transformed itself in recent years to remain relevant and thriving. Tor Jacobsen, SVP and chief consumer officer at Schibsted Media explains how the company has retained a focus on revenue generation during that transformation, and the role data is playing in driving growth.

    19th Jun 2019 Features
  • A blueprint for successful change

    Martha Stone Williams, CEO of World Newsmedia Network, discusses how the media industry must adapt to embrace innovation, how data and measurement must be the cornerstone of strategy and direction, and successful media firms implement a culture of experimentation.

    10th Jun 2019 Features


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