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Nikolay Malyarov is chief content officer at PressReader.

  • Why are news publishers pivoting to subscriptions?

    When I look at the state of mainstream media, I can’t help but ask the question. Why are so many news publishers pivoting back to paywalls when they didn’t work for most of them before? 

    12th Mar 2018 Opinion
  • Are digital editions dead?

    Digital editions have been around for a long time, going all the way back to the late 90's. But in 2010 when the iPad hit the digital runway, publishers jumped on the tablet bandwagon faster than they could shout, “Hallelujah!”. The struggling publishing industry had found itself a saviour.  

    16th Oct 2017 Opinion
  • How brands can capitalise on the experiential revolution

    If I were to ask you to describe the Internet of Things (IoT), I expect many of you would start to talk about how new technology is revolutionising the internet, providing “anything connectivity” through advanced networks, sensors, electronics, and software. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

    24th Aug 2017 Opinion
  • Why 'Hello Mr.' bet on print Nikolay Malyarov, chief content officer, PressReader, interviews Ryan Fitzgibbon, founder and publisher of Hello Mr. 31st May 2017 Opinion
  • True journalism is not dead - not now, not ever! To say that 2016 was an exciting and nerve-racking year would be a bit of an understatement. From continued strife around the world, to attacks on the media, the relationships between us humans were not just tense, they bordered on a perpetual state of conflict. 15th Feb 2017 Opinion
  • An open letter to everyone looking for true journalism Combating fake news and mistrust: True journalism is not dead if you know where to look and how to find it. 26th Jan 2017 Opinion
  • Journalism in the age of algorithms, platforms and newsfeeds Remember how simple life used to be? It didn’t seem that long ago when we got up in the morning, grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to discover what happened in our communities overnight – all of it curated by editors of the printed newspapers delivered to our doorsteps rain or shine.   18th Oct 2016 Features
  • Diversify funding to fuel your future About a year ago I wrote an article asking whether offering products and services beyond just content would save the magazine industry. Since then we’ve seen a lot of publishers getting on the diversification bandwagon, reaping rewards by experimenting outside the familiar pages of print and adding events, communities, advertising studios, gaming and ecommerce to their content mix. 11th Jul 2016 Features
  • Loyalty pays, but only if it is a two-way street Loyalty programmes in magazine publishing are almost non-existent.  Yes, there are perks handed out with some subscriptions (e.g. Monocle gives you a very special, status-like tote bag, changing design every year when you subscribe; Rogers awards airline points with purchases of their print editions), but there are very few programmes in the industry designed to build long-lasting loyalty between readers, publishers and advertisers. 30th Mar 2016 Features
  • Mastering the three pillars of a successful monetisation strategy When it comes to developing a profitable monetisation strategy, there are three pillars that must form its foundation: Audience, Diversification and Business Models. A monetisation strategy is only as strong as its weakest pillar, so it’s important to build effective and sustainable tactics within each one to maximise success and achieve one’s goals. 11th Feb 2016 Features


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