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Olga Nasalskaya ()

Olga Nasalskaya is a writer, marketing professional, world-class news junkie, and bookworm. She is always on the lookout for innovative storytelling and the latest media trends.

Olga has written for The Washington Post, WAN-IFRA, Republica.Ru and others. In the last decade, she has created multiple digital publications, including Russia Direct, and has worked with many startups in the US and UK, helping them build marketing strategies, branded content, and media relations. Olga is obsessed with martial arts, nutrition science, and learning and teaching foreign languages.

  • How Recode thinks about their events

    As events become an essential part of many media companies' business models, some brands are more successful than the others. Recode events are one of the success stories. We find out more about how they think about their events.

    1st Sep 2017 Features
  • Forgotten about Pinterest? Think again In the US at least, Pinterest recently often made the news. Their revenue projections for this year are impressive, they introduced new attractive features for advertisers, and they rolled out a new product called "Lens". 7th Jun 2017 Features
  • Futurist Amy Webb on how to look for and think about trends set to impact media With so much happening in technology, it’s difficult to choose what to focus on or not. How should publishers distinguish between "must consider", "may consider" or "don’t consider”? In the process, author, futurist and founder of the Future Today Institute (FTI, says publishers risk missing a lot of what is happening at the fringe that could impact them in a major way in time to come. 10th Apr 2017 Features
  • How to develop your chatbot strategy

    If you have Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant, then you probably start your morning with a conversation with a chatbot. Because let’s admit it: chatbots are already everywhere. On the one hand, we love to hate them because they are, well, not human. On the other, we love to love them because they create an interactive and personalised experience. Brands have been quick to adopt this technology. Too many media companies lag behind experimenting in this field.

    16th Mar 2017 Insight News
  • [Long read] How to get into VR and 360º videos When Facebook bought Oculus VR, maker of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, for $2 billion in March 2014, many people wondered: really? $2 billion for the company that produces equipment and software to play video games? 25th Jan 2017 Features
  • FIPP’s guide to live video in 2017 It’s been nine months since Facebook introduced its live video service and there is no discussion - Facebook Live is big. But they are not the only one on the market. What are some of the best examples of media and brands using live streaming, and will this service increase revenues in the upcoming year? Olga Nasalskaya investigates. 13th Dec 2016 Features
  • Here are five free online courses you can take to upskill The demand for shareable content and effective consumer marketing activity continues to rise. Olga Nasalskaya looks at five free online courses you can take, to refresh your knowledge and learn new skills. 10th Oct 2016 Features
  • Five emails you should be reading Newsletters save time by delivering relevant information to your inbox. Every media brand, including yours, has email options. Which subscriptions should we have in order not to miss anything important happening in the media industry? 26th Sep 2016 Features
  • How technological innovation in the newsroom impacts The Washington Post’s BrandStudio Ever since The Washington Post was bought by Jeff Bezos, it has been making headlines. Fast Company named it the Most Innovative Media company of 2015. That same year, The Post surpassed The New York Times in monthly traffic numbers. 18th May 2016 Features
  • Here are 10 podcasts that will make you a better editor, boss and marketer Podcasts are a great way to stay-in-the-know and become a better professional. iTunes alone has  more than 250,000 podcasts, but it's not the only platform to offer podcast hosting and subscriptions. 3rd May 2016 Features


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