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 Piet van Niekerk ()

Piet van Niekerk is FIPP’s chief reporter in the EMEA region and content director at Content Cows UK, an agency creating multi-media content across all platforms.

  • When the infodemic strikes, who do you trust?

    Is the infodemic borne from the global coronavirus hysteria showing us that people turn to reliable media brands when social media channels cannot be trusted?  

    9th Mar 2020 Features
  • International publishers on the state of cross-border business

    The nature of doing international business for publishers has changed dramatically over recent years. This topic was hotly debated during a panel discussion at the recent FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas. We share some of the insights from the discussion in a series of quotes from the debate. 

    20th Jan 2020 Features
  • Lessons learnt from chasing innovation

    How to steer clear of calamity when running the gauntlet of innovation emerged as a key theme at the FIPP Media Congress in Las Vegas. We share some experts’ thoughts in a collection of #FIPPCongress quotes.

    13th Jan 2020 Features
  • Pillars for developing future proof revenue models

    The bedrock for building pillars to new revenue opportunities remains good content, Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Director at Dow Jones in Hong Kong told delegates on the first day of the 42nd FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas.

    2nd Dec 2019 Features
  • Big tech spotting potential of digital news subscriptions

    Big tech companies have spotted the potential and are already stepping into the space of paid digital news and magazine subscriptions.

    14th Nov 2019 Features
  • FIPP’s first Media Intel Report out now

    FIPP’s first Media Intel Report, a glossy bookazine containing some of the highlights of the research, white papers and ‘how to’ reports produced by FIPP during 2019, appears this week - in time for FIPP’s World Media Congress in Las Vegas. 

    13th Nov 2019 Insight News
  • Independent and print first - the Monocle strategy

    Contrary to what most magazine brands are trying to achieve, deliberately not developing a dedicated digital format for the iconic Monocle magazine remains part of the Monocle brand strategy, delegates to the 42nd FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas learnt. 

    13th Nov 2019 Features
  • Unpacking Paris Match’s ‘Power of Words’ data journalism project

    An app developed by Paris Match magazine to text-mine political speeches during the 2017 French presidential election has yielded a multi-purpose data journalism tool now being used to analyse the use of words far beyond politics. 

    7th Nov 2019 Features
  • [Download] Luxury in media: How prestigious brands prepare for 2020

    How luxury brands and publishers are leveraging the value of print to continue to reach and influence audiences is the theme of the latest white paper produced by FIPP in partnership with UPM Communication Papers.

    4th Nov 2019 Insight News
  • What to make of media’s new job titles

    Publishers are creating new roles - coupled with a confusing array of newfangled job titles - in their struggle to achieve results in a media landscape that continues to evolve and disrupt. As crazy as some of this might seem, the current state of play suggests that this whirligig won’t stop anytime soon.

    28th Oct 2019 Features


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