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Sadie enjoys discovering new quirky websites and getting absorbed in long form online. She has written for many UK publications including The Huffington Post and The Guardian and will soon be studying an MSc in Gender & Development Studies in addition to her journalism career. She can usually be found planning her next excursion abroad, playing her ukulele or tuning in to BBC radio.

  • Deep dive: What can media brands do to differentiate themselves? Community is key, and other lessons

    A few years ago at the Digital Innovators’ Summit, everyone was talking about free content and advertising, with the rising use of ad blockers in the forefront of everyone’s minds. This year, however, the strongest takeaway was that publishers are no longer in defence mode: with most now employing a paywall or subscription model, it’s been proven beyond doubt that people will pay for quality content. So now that publishers have a bit of breathing room, another question arises: what should they do to stand out from the crowd?

    24th Apr 2018 Features
  • Brands as media owners: how Thomas Cook took creative control of its branding strategy

    The line between brands and media owners has been blurring for some time, with many brands experimenting with their own media to reach consumers and showcase brand identity. One excellent example of this is Thomas Cook, and the main room was full for the final session of the first day of the Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin, as Stuart Adamson, director of Thomas Cook Group's Media and Partnerships division, took to the stage to explain the brand's media strategy and the success they've had as a result.

    26th Mar 2018 Features
  • How voice-activated devices create opportunities for publishers

    As voice-activated devices and services become more ubiquitous, new opportunities are opening up for publishers to reach users. On day two of the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin, Alexander Bregman, Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google EMEA, explained how the combination of Google Assistant and the rise of smart speakers could lead to great partnerships with publishers in the very near future.

    20th Mar 2018 Features
  • Six insights from VGTV on online video for a highly visual society

    As the internet pivots more and more towards visual content,, Norway’s largest online news site, is maintaining its position by investing significantly in one thing: online video. 

    19th Mar 2018 Features
  • What now with Facebook and the digital media business model?

    The relationship between publishers and platforms, and in particular Facebook, was never far from conversation at several sessions at FIPP and VDZ’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin today.

    19th Mar 2018 Features
  • Proof that magazine media still deliver the best results for advertisers

    Magazines are a shortcut to quality and continues to deliver top results for advertisers, according to Linda Thomas Brooks, CEO at MPA, USA, said during a keynote on the second day of the FIPP World Congress in London (11 October) last week.

    16th Oct 2017 Features
  • How Hearst UK repackages content across platforms

    “Smart repackaging” and "content swarming" are the main ways that Hearst UK’s titles are trying to reach a greater audience - and it’s working, according to Betsy Fast. Betsy, who recently moved from Hearst US to become Executive Director of Digital Editorial Strategy at Hearst UK, shared her insights from the stage on day two of the 41st FIPP World Congress (11 October).

    13th Oct 2017 Features
  • How HBR tunes into “weak signals” to spot future trends

    Challenging dominant logic within the publishing industry and spotting “weak signals” which could indicate future trends was the central theme of a presentation given by Josh Macht, EVP and Group Publisher at Harvard Business Review (HBR), USA, on the second day of the 41st FIPP World Congress in London (11 October).

    11th Oct 2017 Features
  • The value of evergreen content in building a content to commerce offering

    “If there’s one takeaway from my talk today, it’s that the future looks good for publishers - no matter what’s happened in the past,” began Dominik Grau, Chief Innovation Officer at Ebner Media Group, Germany, in an energising presentation on day one of the FIPP World Congress in London (10 October).

    11th Oct 2017 Features
  • Building content licensing-as-a-service and recipes-as-a-service

    A first-time speaker at the FIPP World Congress, Larry Sommers’ morning presentation on 10 October focused on Meredith Corporation’s development of content licensing as a service, using Eating Well as a case study.

    10th Oct 2017 Features


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