FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media 2016-2017 World Report

The 7th edition of the Innovation in Magazine Media World Report takes a look at the ground-breaking, out-of-the-box, the downright offbeat and just plain useful thinking from the industries greatest proven success stories. 

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Highlights of the Innovation 2016-17 World Report include:

- Ad formats and creativity, from innovation, ad blocking and viewability to fraud

- Content innovation, with a microscope on media hubs and distribution models

- Micro-payments – more please

- Mobile and advertising

- small data, not just BIG data, it’s very important too

- Structured journalism – what is it?

- What’s new, what’s cool/sick/awesome/weird, including: virtual reality, podcasting (again) and just really neat advertising

- Video, video and more about video with an emphasis on cost-effective video production (i.e. not just for behemoth companies….) 

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