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Chart of the week: How important is social media referral traffic? Social media is held up to be a valuable if not the most important source of traffic through referrals. Apparently social media referral traffic is bigger than search traffic for online publishers. But is it really all that it’s cracked up to be, if your aim isn’t just diverting users to your site, but actually getting them to engage with your content? Here is an overview based on data collected by that shows which users referred from which sources (if at all) engage the longest with any given content. Social media doesn’t fare well according to these findings: “Perhaps unsurprisingly, we learned that social referrals led to the fewest seconds of engaged time (57 seconds per post)”, concludes.
Ad blocking bigger in Continental Europe than in UK Ad blocking isn’t very popular with publishers. Suppressing online ads could develop to become a real problem as revenue from online ads would be in jeopardy. In turn blocking users who block ads doesn’t seem to hold a long-term solution, as locking out users would infringe on site traffic. There doesn’t seem to be a well thought out strategy to counter the ad blocking trend, for the time being. Especially in Continental Europe ad blocking seems to be trending, with the two most populous nations, Germany and France, at the helm of the list. There, close to or even more than a quarter of users surfing the web with their desktop devices seek to avoid advertising. In the UK and US users don’t seem to mind ads as much. But still some 10 percent use blocking software to rid their screens of unwanted content.
Chart of the week: Reading big on the young’s agenda Reading isn’t one of the top priorities for the digital media savvy generation? Think again. Reading is the second most favored pastime activity for the so-called Generation Z, those between the ages of 15 and 20. This goes along with listening to a lot of music followed by watching TV. The two generations that read more than the youngest are the boomers and the silent generation.
Chart of the week: Journalism discovers crowdfunding The past few years haven’t exactly been easy for the publishing industry. The rise of online media has put pressure on circulation figures and advertising revenues alike, putting many publishing houses in difficult situations.  As the industry became increasingly conservative in terms of investments, journalists had to become creative when raising funds for new projects.
Chart of the week: The fastest-growing App categories in 2015 Over the past few years, smartphones and tablets have completely changed the way we interact with media. We may still be listening to the radio, read the news and or watch television shows, but more and more often we’re doing it on our mobile devices or, to be more precise, within apps. - See more at:
Chart of the week: Global cloud traffic set for future growth This week’s infographic by Statista shows the future growth of cloud traffic as predicted by Cisco’s Global Cloud Index. Having generated 888 Exabyte of cloud traffic in 2014 North America is expected to be the biggest driver of global cloud traffic through 2019. Asia Pacific is a close second expected to cross the Zettabyte-threshold in 2016 with Europe following suit in 2018. The rest of the world lags behind in terms of cloud traffic as the adoption rate of cloud services and infrastructure is significantly lower than in highly developed regions.
Chart of the week: Outlook on digital media in 2016 A survey by analytics platform asked hundreds of digital publishers about the biggest challenge for the digital media industry in 2016 in the this chart by Statista.
Buzzwords: Marketing words of 2015 Statista, the statistics portal, created an infographic that visualises six marketing trends of 2015 by showing how often the terms have been searched for worldwide on Google.
Chart of the week: Influencers have growing importance for marketers There are many ways to reach out to potential customers. A new focus is on influencers, key individuals that have influence over possible buyers via social media channels. This chart by Statista sheds light on their growing importance in marketing using data from Tomoson and Augure.
Best buy direct from publishers The Media Quality Report by Integral Ad Science, a company that analyses media environments for online advertisers looks at which channel is the best to buy and place ads. A chart from Statista shows buying directly from publishers is the best option.
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