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2018 Global Digital Subscription Snapshot Report Digital subscription revenue displacing digital advertising as a core revenue stream In an effort to cast light on the success media are enjoying in the digital subscription arena, FIPP has created the first Global Digital Subscription Snapshot. Covering nearly 10 million digital subscriptions by title, the report finds that paid content success requires investment, intelligent application of analytics, an understanding of the local market and leveraging the emotional connection to a brand.
PPA responds to Treasury Select Committee VAT Inquiry call for evidence In response to the Treasury Select Committee’s recent Inquiry into VAT, the PPA has outlined its stance and a case for reforming the outdated tax system. This submission calls for the government to consider the impact the current tax system has had on the publishing industry.
FIPP Management Board Members of the FIPP Management Board as at 20 March 2018.
FIPP Membership Application Form 2018 Join FIPP, benefits, dues rates & application form.
AI and the Future of Work Springwise Innovation 2018 Report on AI and the Future of Work
Innovation in Magazine Media 2018-2019 Editors letter Why only journalism worth paying for will save journalism
MediaLink's CES 2018 report: Innovation through the lens of the smart city With almost 60 per cent of the world’s population predicted to live in urban areas by 2030, the development of smart cities is imperative. In the next few decades, 95 per cent of urban expansion will take place in the developing world, and there is a real opportunity for private companies to play a vital role. With this in mind, MediaLink asked U.S. News & World Report to co-author the 2018 CES wrap-up report, using Smart Cities as a filter through which marketers can think about some of the innovations featured throughout CES.
Innovation chapter 2017: Monetisation Chapter from the 8th FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media 2017-2018 World Report. How the heck do you make money from magazine media these days?
Innovation chapter 2017: Mobile - precision content Chapter from the 8th FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media 2017-2018 World Report. Forget digital first & mobile-first content; It's time for precision content
Native Advertising Trends 2017 - The Magazine Media Industry 2nd annual survey on native trends in the magazine industry. Published by the Native Advertising Institute and FIPP.
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