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FIPP Insight Awards 2019: #WakeUp&Create, Condé Nast Spain Shortlisted research campaign of the FIPP Insight Awards 2019. This is a campaign based on emotions and it connects the readerships of various generations with our brands through art and creativity. A campaign that clients would want to keep and collect because they are unique, valuable pieces with stories behind them.
Chart of the week: Fashion mag ads become more diverse For a long time, minorities were less visible in fashion advertising. This is changing, as many companies aim to diversify their consumer base and market their products to people of colour. As this infographic shows, the share of models of colour featured in advertisements in fashion magazines is rapidly growing. Whilst three years ago only around a sixth of all ads featured models of colour, the fall 2017 campaigns were more diverse, almost one third of the ads featured non-white models. Campaigns featuring ethnic minorities are en vogue which is due to the realisation that reflecting diversity is more important each day. There's still a long way to go, but looks like a good start.
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