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Innovation chapter 2017: Monetisation Chapter from the 8th FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media 2017-2018 World Report. How the heck do you make money from magazine media these days?
Chart of the week: Which online video ads are playing all the way through? Online video advertising is picking up. At least in the sense that the completion rate (VCR), instances in which the whole video played through, is up comparing Q2 2017 to Q2 2016 data. Play-through impressions from all devices showed growth, according to a report by Extreme Reach ( Connected TV, which comes closest to traditional TV, is on the forefront, with 94 percent of videos playing all the way through. The TV sets that are connected to the internet make up 18 percent of all relevant impressions. Looking at the numbers for desktop devices - that still serve the most impressions (35 percent) - year-over-year VCR growth is slow, growing just two percentage points to a still solid 68 percent completion rate. The tablet's share of impressions has gone down by 10 percentage points but the completion rate showed a lot of growth (20 percentage points). Mobile has gained in impression share, closing in on desktops, and has shown good growth in completion rate too.
DIS2017 speaker presentation: Maximilian Gall, Target Video How online video helps publishers reach and monetise the mobile-social generation
DIS2017 speaker presentation: Alan Saura, AJ+ Maximizing audience engagement with video in the era of social media
Innovation 2016 chapter: How to produce video that is efficient, effective, and profitable Innovation in Magazine Media chapter on ways to make great videos that do not break the bank and do make a profit
Digital Innovators' Summit 2016 Special Report This FIPP Insight Special Report, compiled by Ashley Norris and Sadie Hale, highlights some of the key discussions from the FIPP/VDZ Digital Innovators' Summit which took place 21-22 March 2016 in Berlin, Germany.
FIPP Insight Special Report: Themes from the FIPP World Congress 2015 An in-depth look at the themes from the FIPP World Congress, 13-15 October 2015, Toronto, Canada
Creating Native Experiences Across the Mobile Web Positioned at the intersection of video, social, native & mobile, Unruly uses emotional audience data and inherently viewable video formats to massively increase viewer engagement, brand performance & publisher revenues. With comScore reporting that fewer than half of all video ads are actually seen by users, marketers are searching for ways to create compelling content that is relevant to users and served in brand safe environments. Through its work on both the publisher and advertiser side, Unruly is able to address the needs of both parties while remaining committed to industry best practices.
FIPP Insight Special Report: Video The World Media Trends Video Report is the first of an in-depth series from FIPP Insight and World Newsmedia Network (WNMN). This report on global trends in the usage of video includes case studies from Meredith Corporation in the USA and Burda Media in Germany. Plus examples from, Kyoda News in Japan and a look at what newspapers are doing in this field.
Innovation 2014 chapter extract: We'll bet you can't watch just one - Vine & Instagram Brands join tens of millions of viewers embracing short-form video sites Vine and Instagram
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