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POP is an essential resource for ALL publishing company staff and everyone involved in planning, buying, selling or evaluating marketing campaigns. It shows how magazine media advertising works. In particular it can be used to promote the strengths of magazines and to reach agencies and advertisers with critical information about the value of advertising in magazine media.

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Anytime viewing (free) of the POP v2 webinar which was presented by Guy Consterdine (FIPP) and Esther Braspenning (the Ppress) on 4 November 2014.


Proof of Performance v2: Making the case for magazine media POP v2 uses research and case studies from all over the world to show that magazine media advertising works.
Proof of Performance: Making the case for magazine media POP looks at evidence from all over the world to prove the effectiveness of print and digital magazine content


FIPP Proof of Performance webcast Video from the launch webinar of POP v2. Presented by Esther Braspenning, media knowledge manager of The Ppress, Belgium and Guy Consterdine, POP author and FIPP Research Consultant.
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