Leveraging benefits

The secret of FIPP membership is this: the more active a member you are, the more you will benefit from your association with FIPP and the worldwide magazine media industry.

Here are eight top tips on how to leverage your benefits to maximise the value you can take advantage of from FIPP and the FIPP membership network - and remember that your company membership includes every single one of your team and colleagues.

1. We regularly want to hear your news, and so do our network – build your profile by using FIPP as your platform

Our members join and use FIPP for a variety of reasons – it might be to look for potential licensing deals, for insight and learning and/or for exposure. We want to share your news about your company, products and services, events, and your people. You are automatically listed as a member in our directories, but send us your press releases, updates and other information to share with the rest of the FIPP network – all we ask is for it to have strong editorial value and be relevant to other members. If you feel like contributing to FIPP.com with guest posts, let us know. If of interest to other members, we’ll gladly publish your contribution. Simply email Sylkia Cartagena with your press releases, news updates, insight and research reports or guest posts. It will cost you nothing.

2. Networking opportunities – use face-to-face opportunities to your benefit

All our events are designed to provide opportunities to take stock of developments in the industry, to consider future challenges and opportunities, product and service innovations and to network, share ideas and build relationships. There are very few opportunities where industry peers from the world over can come together to meet and share ideas – face-to-face – and build toward the future. We like to think that FIPP creates most, if not all, of them. Delegates from member companies get at least 30 per cent off on all delegate tickets, whether at the pre-agenda, early bird or standard offer stage. Members get discounts on all offers, as well as priority booking on all other commercial opportunities surrounding our events. Contact Claire Jones for more on our events. Contact John Schlaefli for more about FIPP commercial opportunities – advertising, sponsorship and exhibitions.

3. Speaker presentations

The movers and shakers of our industry are the key ingredients for all our events. What they say is exclusively available on fipp.com to download in document and video formats as well as on our YouTube channel

4. Save money

Heavily discounted delegate rates on events and tours (up to 30%) means that more of your colleagues can participate in our ground-breaking programmes, more often. Just 4 senior executives attending the FIPP Congress at the special membership rate could pay you back the membership fee*. Everyone in your company can receive a (free) digital edition of FIPP’s indispensable look at out-of-the-box thinking, the annual Innovation in Magazine Media World Report (normal price to non-members £129 per copy). Get in touch with Helen Bland for help with access to the Insight archive.

5. Learn, share, experience

Expand your horizons and your colleagues' with tried and tested professional development initiatives including Masterclass opportunities at most of our events and the Digital Innovators' Tour and the New York Media Tours. Plus gain global recognition for your Rising Stars and industry insight and research with FIPP's special awards. All tours and awards are discounted for members. Contact Claire Jones if you want to know more.

6. All you can read

Thanks to our special partnership we can offer complimentary access to PressReader’s all-you-can-read service which gives you access to 1,000s of local, national and international magazines and newspapers.

7. Get in touch – work with us to serve you, even better

We run regular surveys to ensure our services remain relevant to you. But why give us feedback only then? Just like you, we’re constantly evolving. Simply contact James Hewes to discuss your objectives and how to leverage benefits to achieve those objectives, with any other membership-related questions and suggestions. Or for any of your information requirements about magazine media trends and insight contact Helen Bland. If we can't help you, we may know someone who can. We want to hear from you.

8.  Who's who

And last but not least, get invaluable contact at your fingertips 24/7 with the world's media community. Contact names, job titles, emails and phone numbers for some 700 member companies representing more than 6,000 media brands in some 60 countries through our online database – all media executives with a deep understanding and involvement in the same business that you are in. Contact details are strictly not available to non-members.


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