Membership Fees

Media Owners 2019

  Up to £10m £1,020
  > £10m to £50m £1,800
  > £50m+ to £150m £3,480
  > £150m+ to £300m £5,260
  > £300m+ to £500m £6,910
  > £500m £11,150

Associations 2019

  Up to £50 million £2,320
  > £50 million to £150m £4,420
  > £150 million to £500m £8,180
  > £500 million £15,180

Service Providers 2019

  Up to £1 million £1,640
  > £1 million to £50 million £3,400
  > £51 million £5,190


FIPP membership runs on an annual, rolling basis. To calculate your rate, please look at the options below, then:

(1) Select whether your organisation is a media owner, association or a service provider; and

(2) Which band your company falls into, based on your organisation’s annual turnover, equivalent in UK sterling million.

(3) Note that companies (of the same membership type) in which the new member has 50% or more shareholding, automatically qualify for membership at no additional cost.

(4) In the year of joining FIPP membership, dues will be charged for the full year, unless the application is after 30 June, from which point it is pro-rata from the date on the application form.



All applications are formally approved by the FIPP Management Board, and only upon receipt of your membership dues in full, does your membership status commence. FIPP membership dues are calculated on your annual revenue equivalent in £ Sterling Million. (All revenues are to be assumed and should include all revenues from any subsidiary or venture in which your company has 50% or more beneficial ownership). Please see the breakdown of FIPP rates available at Membership runs for 12 months and will be charged from the first day of the month after the signing date for a 12 month period and must be paid in full according to our payment terms of 30 days.

Membership renewal will be automatically invoiced 12 months after the original invoice, unless due notice is given.
Twelve months’ notice is required for cancellation of the membership. Any non–payments, without good reason, may result in the membership benefits being suspended until payment has been received. Resignations must be in writing and addressed to the FIPP Management Board with the reasons why membership has been terminated. 


We value your privacy. Please read our privacy policy at for more information on how we use and store your personal information.

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