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WoodWing develops and markets a premier, cost-efficient multi-channel publishing system, Enterprise, and the next-generation digital asset management system, Elvis DAM. WoodWing’s solutions are aimed at magazine and newspaper publishers, corporate publishers, agencies and marketing departments to reach their goals for quality, economy and time-to-market.

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    1507 CC
  • +31 75 614 3400
  • Tamedia Woodwing () Tamedia talk about making their digital future a reality <p><a href="" target="_blank">Tamedia</a>, Switzerland&rsquo;s leading private media group, will be live on stage with WoodWing at <a href="" target="_blank">IFRA World Publishing Expo and DCX</a> in Berlin.</p> Published 06 September 2018 Industry News
  • WoodWing () Tamedia: off to a good start with Enterprise Aurora <p>Switzerland&rsquo;s&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Tamedia</a>&nbsp;has successfully incorporated&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Enterprise Aurora</a>&nbsp;into their editorial processes. This completes the first phase of their &ldquo;New Editorial System Strategy&rdquo; project with WoodWing&rsquo;s partner&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">A&amp;F ComputerSysteme</a>.</p> Published 28 August 2018 Industry News
  • WoodWing () Ross Paterson succeeds Jan de Roos as WoodWing’s chief executive officer <p>WoodWing announced the appointment of Ross Paterson as the company&rsquo;s new chief executive officer. Effective 1 June, Paterson succeeded Jan de Roos, who prepared the company for the next phase of growth.</p> Published 13 June 2018 Industry News
  • WoodWing mobile app () WoodWing launches digital asset management mobile app <p>Elvis DAM, WoodWing&rsquo;s flagship enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, has released a mobile app that aims to help users work more seamlessly with digital assets when on-the-go.</p> Published 30 April 2018 Industry News
  • Enterprise Aurora () WoodWing launches Enterprise Aurora <p>WoodWing Software introduces Aurora, the latest update to Enterprise &ndash; the software provider&rsquo;s multichannel publishing solution.&nbsp;</p> Published 06 December 2017 Industry News
  • AI + DAM () Join a free webinar on how AI can help DAM users <p>[<em>Sponsored</em>] As a publisher, you're constantly challenged to create compelling content that will grab your readers' attention. At the same time, you might be sitting on a hidden treasure of archives full of digital files that could be repurposed, if only these were tagged with the right information.&nbsp;</p> Published 14 September 2017 Insight News
  • WoodWing webinar () [Webinar recording] A sneak peek into WoodWing’s next gen publishing solutions <div>[Sponsored] In a webinar for WoodWing earlier this week, the company provided a sneak peek into the next generation of their enterprise solution with a demo focused on enhanced flexibility for cross-device and channel publishing and enhancing efficiencies. A recording and slides from the webinar, held on 15 March, are available here.</div><div></div> Published 17 March 2017 Insight News
  • Andreas Pfeiffer () Join media expert Andreas Pfeiffer and WoodWing for an exclusive, free webinar <p>Attention all magazine media publishers and creators of amazing content, here is a webinar designed especially for you. <a href="" target="_blank">WoodWing </a>has teamed up with renowned industry expert <a href="" target="_blank">Andreas Pfeiffer</a> from Pfeiffer Consulting for a 30-minute power webinar.</p> Published 03 March 2017 Industry News
  • WoodWing Project Heracles (WoodWing) WoodWing webinar offers a glimpse of the future of multi-channel content creation In a technology vision <a href=";utm_medium=click&amp;utm_campaign=20161123_Webinar_Heracles" target="_blank">webinar</a> on Tuesday 13 December, <a href="" target="_blank">WoodWing</a> will open its doors to its development lab to give an outlook of the future of multi-channel content creation. Published 25 November 2016 Industry News
  • Discover the global situation of publishers by answering this short survey WoodWing&rsquo;s has launched a global survey that aims to examine the situation of the publishers in the small and medium business sector (SMB): the nature of their businesses, the challenges they face, and their needs and strategies. The anonymous survey asks about the status of these publications and their audiences; their social, mobile and cloud strategies; their key business challenges and pain points; their production environments and more. Published 24 August 2016 Insight News
  • WoodWing Content Station () WoodWing Content Station 10: free webinar for FIPP members With WoodWing&rsquo;s Content Station 10 <a href="" target="_blank">now available</a>, the company is offering members an exclusive opportunity to learn first-hand about the &ldquo;higher efficiencies and better ROI&rdquo; Content Station 10 will deliver to publishers. Published 18 August 2016 Industry News
  • WoodWing announces availability of Content Station 10 WoodWing&rsquo;s Content Station 10, the new HTML5-based version of its editorial management application, is now available. As the central dashboard of WoodWing's multichannel publishing system Enterprise, Content Station allows publishers to drive and control content creation and production processes from a single point of truth. As the industry moves away from Flash, Content Station 10 allows publishers to future-proof their mission-critical systems. Published 15 August 2016 Industry News
  • WoodWing expands footprint in China A new weekly newspaper, HK01, has launched in Hong Kong. Available in both print and on the web, as well as on tablets, smartphones and in social media, the title is accompanied by a monthly and two weekly magazines. All content is produced in a highly efficient workflow based on WoodWing&rsquo;s multichannel publishing system Enterprise and the digital asset management solution WoodWing Elvis DAM. Published 26 July 2016 Industry News
  • WoodWing introduces WoodWing Cloud – a centralised content hub for publishers On 14 Sept, WoodWing Software announced Woodwing Cloud, an innovative one-stop solution for cloud-based managed content, uniquely offering unlimited storage as part of its services. Published 15 September 2015 Industry News
  • WoodWing introduces cloud-based tool to create responsive mobile content WoodWing Software has launched Inception, a cloud-based HTML authoring tool for the creation of interactive responsive content for all digital devices and channels. Published 06 July 2015 Industry News
  • Bauer Media Group () Case study: Bauer Media Australia’s multi-platform strategy explained Bauer Media Australia has chosen WoodWing to develop its multi-channel publishing and print workflows. Published 20 February 2015 Industry News
  • Hearst WoodWing project () How Hearst streamlined its production workflow Hearst Magazines in the US has chosen WoodWing to replace its legacy system to meet modern publishing needs. Published 28 October 2014 Industry News
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