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  • At the sharp end of Future’s digital innovation

    Digital innovation has been an important component of Future’s evolution to become a truly global, specialist, multi-platform media company. Julian March, managing director of Games, Music and Entertainment has been in the thick of the company’s digital strategy to engage larger audiences.  

    Published 07 March 2018 Features
  • Meredith’s People brand launches AMP Stories mobile storytelling format

    Last month, Meredith announced it was one of the beta publishers partnering with Google to launch AMP stories. The American magazine media company’s People brand was first in the Meredith portfolio to launch the new storytelling format called AMP Stories, though one exec says there will be more to come.

    Published 02 March 2018 Features
  • Condé Nast Britain debuts redesigned Glamour site and bi-annual beauty book

    Condé Nast Britain has relaunched today the new-look Glamour site, aimed go be the ultimate online beauty destination for UK consumers and advertisers. With a mobile-first, social-first strategy recognising the way in which the Glamour reader is living their life today, the site will feature authentic, inclusive and aspirational beauty inspiration. 

    Published 01 March 2018 Launches
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: New York magazine EIC Adam Moss on mag covers, long-form journalism and more

    “The cover is no longer really to sell magazines on newsstand. As newsstands have become so much less important to all of us, the cover has a different function. It is basically the brand statement of what we make. It declares what we think is important or interesting; it declares our voice. Also, it’s an amazing document for the purposes of social media. Social media takes your cover and distributes it all over the place and it becomes an advertisement for the magazine that’s actually more important than it was originally meant to be when it was to stimulate newsstand sales.” - Adam Moss, editor-in-chief, New York magazine

    Published 28 February 2018 Features
  • ‘The tide is turning for digital journalism’ - A conversation with FIPP board member Jan Bayer

    Readers are increasingly willing to pay for quality, but there is still a lot of important work to be done, says Jan Bayer, president of the News Media division at Axel Springer. As a member of the executive board of Europe’s leading digital publisher, he was appointed to the FIPP board in January 2018. Bayer recommends that the publishing industry radically refocus on the customer. In conversation with FIPP, he identifies the key challenges that affect the industry and three strategic imperatives for publishing companies.

    Published 26 February 2018 Features
  • Five minutes with new FIPP member Emerging Market Media

    FIPP recently welcomed new member Emerging Market Media, based in New York, to the fold. We caught up with Dawn Kissi, founder, CEO and editor-in-chief.  “Emerging Market Media is a firm I founded December of 2015,” Kissi explained. “Emerging Market Media (EMM) is a global media firm that delivers  journalism, editorials, multimedia and custom events on and about the emerging markets.”

    Published 23 February 2018 Features
  • Time magazine reveals special report documented over the course of a year: The Opioid Diaries

    Today, Time publishes a special report on the opioid crisis in America, the worst addiction epidemic in US history. Over the past year, Time commissioned acclaimed photographer James Nachtwey to document this crisis through the people on its front lines. 

    Published 22 February 2018 Industry News
  • Condé Nast launches Next Gen Network and adds new brands Iris and Lenny Letter

    Condé Nast announced the launch of the company’s Next Generation Network, a collection of new and reimagined brands, reaching new audiences on new platforms. The Network, which includes Them, The Hive, AD Clever, Basically, Healthyish, GQ Style and Teen Vogue, has an audience comprised of 82 per cent millennial consumers, generating more than 20 million interactions on the Network’s brands each year.

    Published 22 February 2018 Launches
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: How GQ takes print seriously and has the robust content on all platforms to prove it

    “In GQ, the one thing I go back to print for is not only are you speaking to a particular type of person, who might actually be different than someone who’s looking at us online, but also it’s a space where people still find glory in. People want their cover. It’s a moment. And when you have something like that, that still has cultural weight and is something that people gravitate to, both as a reader and as somebody in it, you’re not going to give that up ever, if you don’t have to.” - Jon Wilde, executive digital director, GQ

    Published 22 February 2018 Features
  • Axel Springer's Dr. Andreas Wiele on how to win as a digital publisher

    Digital media companies may be facing some significant challenges, from taking on the ad blockers through to working out a response to the recalibration of Facebook’s news feeds. Yet many of the companies who embarked digital publishing first are now being rewarded with some significant growth.

    Published 21 February 2018 Features


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