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  • How Meredith's programmatic advertising is evolving This month, Meredith announced a partnership with The Trade Desk, to launch the latest evolution in its programmatic advertising strategy: programmatic shoppable display. Published 28 November 2016 Features
  • Metrics that Matter: How magazine media drives brand KPIs Magazine media brands online delivered a significantly stronger impact on brand KPIs than other online environments, according to a study by Magnetic in the UK, launched at its event - Spark - on 27 September 2016. It showed a 41 per cent increase in impact on KPIs, such as purchase consideration, purchase intention and recommendation.   Published 30 September 2016 Industry News
  • Why programmatic is a priority for Time Inc. What is it about programmatic that still needs the most work? Evan Pfeffer, executive director of programmatic sales at Time Inc., believes it begins and ends with communication. Published 24 August 2016 Industry News
  • Ad fraud on mobile the next battleground for publishers As the media landscape shifts, publishers need to look deeper into ad fraud, according to IDG Communications CEO Michael Friedenberg. “I think the market on the desktop side is certainly there and being addressed, but I think that as more money and resources shift into mobile, those are the next two frontiers that are going to need to be tackled,” he said. Published 26 July 2016 Features
  • Time Inc. UK acquires advertising solutions company Collective Europe Time Inc. UK has acquired Collective Europe Limited, which trades as Collective UK, a provider of premium digital creative advertising solutions. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Published 14 July 2016 Industry News
  • Ad blocking hits Asia Pacific region Ad blocking software is becoming more prevalent, but not in the way many industry experts predicted. This was the key takeaway from the webinar delivered by Johnny Ryan, head of ecosystem at Pagefair, on the state of the ad blocking to attendees from across the media industry. Published 05 July 2016 Features
  • Report reveals triple-digit growth in programmatic advertising market Adform’s RTB Trend Report Europe 2015 shows slower but sustained growth in programmatic trading across Europe. The major study shows that, from January to December 2015, spending climbed 121.35 per cent across Europe, down from 250 per cent growth in 2014, with that the bulk of the growth occurring throughout the 2015 Christmas holiday season. Published 07 June 2016 Insight News
  • Strategies to combat ad blocking and increase ad effectiveness One of the key issues for many delegates at the Digital Innovators' Summit is how to deal with the problems caused by ad blocking? What can publishers actively do to recoup some of the revenue that they are losing? How do publishers regain communication with their readers? Should they talk directly to companies like Eyeo, which own the world’s leading ad blocking programme Adblock Plus? Published 22 March 2016 Features
  • Making a friend of programmatic The word ‘programmatic’ can strike fear, excitement and bewilderment into the hearts of publishers. And while this automation trend is a tidal force in the digital ad space, it’s a wave that can be surfed by savvy media managers who cut through the jargon to get clear on how to automate more effectively. Published 04 March 2016 Features
  • New research reveals 50 per cent of marketers are buying mobile programmatically An IAB UK study released on January 13, 2016 reveals that 50 per cent of marketers surveyed use programmatic for buying smartphone inventory. Published 19 January 2016 Insight News


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