Jamie Gavin

Jamie Gavin September 2016 ()

Jamie Gavin is managing director of inPress Online.

  • Approaching journalism as a service can provide new revenue opportunities With so much talk of fake news and clickbait in digital media, legacy publishers are looking for a way to get back to basics, providing quality journalism to engaged audiences. Here, Jennifer Brandel, CEO & Co-founder of Hearken, provides one solution. 12th Jul 2017 Features
  • Publishers should use their imagination, rather than existing technology, to spark future trends Holition is an augmented reality solutions and software provider, working with some of the world’s largest and most iconic retail brands. John Peeters, director of business development and co-owner of Holition, spoke earlier this year at the Digital Innovators Summit (DIS) in Berlin. Here, in this video interview for FIPP, he explains how some of these practices can be applied to the publishing industry. 5th Jul 2017 Features
  • Review of Religions: Meet the 115 year old publication finding new resonance today The Review of Religions is an intriguing special interest publication. With a primary focus on Islam and the supporting thrust of exploring various other religions from across the world, it caters to both academic and consumer audiences. Here, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Amer Safir, talks us through the publication’s content, audiences, and the unique way in which the platform is funded. 5th Jul 2017 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from June With hacking remaining firmly in the news, and a new wave of cyber-attacks hitting European businesses in recent days, June was another controversial month in media-tech. We look at the consumer headlines, as well as some of the more business-orientated media tech trends impacting industry. 30th Jun 2017 Features
  • Millennials no more: The Week Junior and AwesomenessTV on engaging younger audiences While the industry continues its pursuit of ‘millennials’, the generation of media consumers coming up behind them is still to a large extent being overlooked. Here, Kerin O’Connor from The Week Junior, and Kelly Day from AwesomenessTV, give us their take on how publishers can better understand even younger audiences.  28th Jun 2017 Features
  • Four industry experts share insights on innovating live events Live events are a rapidly growing revenue source for publishers, but as the field becomes ever more competitive event organisers need to be nimble, creative and innovative to remain on top of the game. Here, we combine the insights of four leading industry experts on developments within the sector. 25th Jun 2017 Features
  • Geoff Ramsey on the most impactful media-tech trends today One of eMarketer’s latest reports shows that the voice assistant sector has grown significantly more rapidly than first predicted by analysts when the Amazon Echo was launched back in 2015. It’s a sector of media tech that is currently of great interest to publishers, and another good example of the rich insights that the now 21yr old eMarketer continues to provide to the industry at large across digital marketing, media and ecommerce. 23rd Jun 2017 Features
  • Video, loyalty, and depth: How NBC is building bridges to a digital future Moritz Gimbel is head of product for the NBC News Digital Group, a part of NBC Universal Media. Earlier this year he spoke at the Digital Innovators Summit (DIS) in Berlin, where we asked him how the 80yr old broadcast brand aims to transition itself into a serious digital player. 23rd Jun 2017 Features
  • NowThis on reaching millennials through native social content Founded just four years ago with a firm focus on online video, NowThis is a modern, millennial-focussed digital news brand that attempts to build rapport with users via social. We recently caught up with the president of NowThis, Athan Stephanopoulos, to find out a little more about how the company is building its young audience of 18-34yr olds. 22nd Jun 2017 Features
  • A 'robot' attended DIS. We interviewed him... With artificial intelligence and machine learning increasingly dominating the media-tech conversation in 2017, we weren’t too surprised to find a “robot” in attendance at the Digital Innovators Summit (DIS) earlier this year. We spoke to him about, among other things, attending live events in machine form. See the video and hear and/or read what he said... 7th Jun 2017 Features


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