• How the Red Bull Media House takes extraordinary stories global

    For Austrian energy drink company Red Bull “the cameras have been rolling for more than 30 years”, taking advantage of a multi-platform strategy to take “beyond the ordinary” storytelling global, says Dr. Dietmar Otti, CEO for TV, publishing and operations of the Austrian-based Red Bull Media House. Otti has recently been elected to the FIPP Board.

    Published 23 July 2018 Features
  • Food & Wine launches pop-up studio for annual event

    Last month, Meredith's Food & Wine launched a pop-up studio, a content hub for editorial staff in Aspen, during the Food & Wine Classic which ran June 15-17.

    Published 19 July 2018 Features
  • How Rolling Stone is expanding its events strategy

    Penske Media, founded in 2003, has made significant investments over the years in over 18 trade and consumer brands including Variety, WWD, Robb Report, Deadline, Beauty Inc. and HollywoodLife among others. In December, the company announced a strategic investment in Wenner Media, and with it, a controlling stake in the iconic music and culture bible Rolling Stone. 

    Published 16 July 2018 Features
  • [Video] ALT.dk on the value of SEO in publishing

    Search engine optimisation has increasingly been left behind by publishers in recent years, in favour of more glamorous social strategies. But as Sara Wilkins, digital editor of ALT.dk at Egmont Publishing explains in this exclusive video interview for FIPP, there's still value in SEO. 

    Published 12 July 2018 Features
  • Can slow journalism march on… slowly?

    As news cycles speed up, 'slow' journalism seems to be slowing down. These days, to don the robe of a slow journalist, deadlines - and even scoops - are negated in seeking out accuracy, proportionality, fairness and, it seems Pulitzer prizes. An employer that can afford to pay a journalist an annual salary to tell one in-depth story  a year may come in handy too.

    Published 09 July 2018 Features
  • Behind The Economist's first graphic novel on Instagram

    A couple of weeks ago, The Economist published a graphic novel on Instagram, called "Data Detectives". The production of the piece was a group effort involving Oliver Morton, senior editor and briefings editor; Jon Fasman, Washington DC correspondent; Rob Gifford, Britain correspondent, Stephen Petch, art director, Ria Jones, digital and social media picture editor, Ben Shmulevitch, editorial designer; Matt Withers, graphic designer and Simon Myers, freelance graphic designer and illustrator. 

    Published 09 July 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: "We have to find new ways to tap into the consumers", Time Inc. Retail president

    “You ask me why I’m bullish. I believe in the power of print in this digital age for several reasons. First and foremost, we at Meredith, and you know this already, have incredible, leading, iconic, trusted, powerful brands. And in this day and age of fake news that matters to our consumers. We see it. That’s part of the reason I’m so bullish on the SIP’s (special interest publications), and we see that when we hit the mark, such as The Royal Wedding for People or Magnolia Journal and other titles. I won’t beleaguer the phenomenal special editions or bookazines’ growth.” Drew Wintemberg, president, Time Inc. Retail

    Published 05 July 2018 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from June

    With the first half of 2018 already behind us, FIPP takes a look at some of the leading media tech trends from the month of June covering social, shopping, and the latest tech innovations. 

    Published 04 July 2018 Features
  • Five minutes with Paul Croughton, Robb Report's new editor-in-chief

    Last month, Penske Media Corporation announced a new editor-in-chief, Paul Croughton. Croughton, an award-winning journalist with 20 years experience and founding editor of Robb Report in the UK, will oversee editorial operations in the US. "We're energised and excited by Paul's fresh perspective as well as his unwavering commitment to best-in-class storytelling and content creation," chairman and CEO of Penske Media, Jay Penske, said in a release. 

    Published 02 July 2018 Features
  • How Canada's The Logic news startup is banking on the shift to reader revenue

    A new Canadian news startup is banking on the shift to reader revenue, and filling a void in the country's news ecosystem by offering subscribers a handful of high-quality features each week. It is modelled after Silicon Valley's The Information; think Axios meets The Financial Times.

    Published 02 July 2018 Features
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