• Ad-funded journalism is a thing of the past. Time to adapt, warns FIPP president and CEO

    As the era of ad-funded publishing draws to a close, media companies need to not only diversify revenue models, but also get better at predicting what the future will bring and respond positively to change and monetise from it, FIPP President and CEO James Hewes told delegates at FIPP Insider in Paris. 

    Published 21 October 2019 Features
  • How to innovate

    In the fast-changing publishing world, every business is looking to innovate. But getting it wrong can cost money and leave you trailing behind the competition. In advance of a major session on innovation at the forthcoming FIPP World Media Congress, a selection of experts, including speakers Martha Stone Williams and Robin Govik, offer tips for harnessing innovation in your business.

    Published 16 October 2019 Features
  • 10 startups solving key issues for media companies and magazine publishers

    The last few years have witnessed a renaissance in media focused startups. Powered by initiatives like Artificial Intelligence and blockchain, the new breed of companies have sought to answer some of the key issues that have dogged media and publishing companies for the past decade. How can they scale the amount of content they produce? How can they increase the number of people paying for it? And how best to harness social media to target new consumers and turn them into regular followers - and maybe even paying customers? Here, then, are ten new-ish companies that have all made great strides in their attempt to simplify the world of media.

    Published 14 October 2019 Features
  • Low-friction models gaining traction to supplement magazine subscription strategies

    While magazine media has shifted to focus on reader revenue streams over the last 18 months or so, the landscape is still fraught with questions and uncertainties. No surprise then that subscriptions have been top of mind for media this year; the subject has been discussed at INMA's Subscription Summit, and snapshotted by FIPP's Global Digital Subscription Snapshot. 

    Published 14 October 2019 Features
  • Print ‘thriving in wider publishing ecosystem’, finds UPM white paper

    Print continues to play a pivotal role in multi-platform, multi-channel strategies for publishers. This was one of the key takeaways from a presentation at FIPP Insider in Paris based on a UPM white paper on the future of media. 

    Published 10 October 2019 Features
  • Podcast masterclass part 2: repurposing content

    In part one of our podcast masterclass we looked at how to create a professional environment, in order to produce high-quality audio. 

    Published 07 October 2019 Features
  • [FIPP Congress Q&A] Enter the dragons

    John Cabell, Founder and CEO of media consultancy and brokerage Cue Ball, shares his view of the media landscape in advance of the FIPP World Media Congress (12-14 November in Las Vegas – sign up here) panel discussion on media ownership.

    Published 07 October 2019 Features
  • Magazines elevate storytelling to focus on climate change

    September 24-30 was Climate Change Week in New York, and the United Nations Climate Action Summit and General Assembly. Facing climate change is a task for all nations, as impacts are being felt everywhere, from rising sea levels, to increasing heat waves, and record levels of emissions. It's an issue that affects every citizen and country on the planet in myriad ways. It's become an area for magazine publishers to not only devote entire issues to, but to go that extra mile in their storytelling.

    Published 02 October 2019 Features
  • Fury as Google says it will exclude French publishers from search results

    Publishers and publishing association have responded with anger at the announcement by Google that it will exclude French publishers from search results to counter the implementation of the new European Copyright Directive.

    Published 30 September 2019 Features
  • [FIPP Congress Q&A] How Fast Company and Inc. became more than magazine titles

    Diversification of the Fast Company and Inc. magazine brands into new revenue streams has helped deliver record results for the titles’ holding company. CEO Eric Shurenberg, who will speak on the subject of media ownership at the forthcoming FIPP World Media Congress, explains how they’ve done it.

    Published 30 September 2019 Features
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