• Pushing boundaries - Vogue Fashion Festival Paris

    Vogue’s third Fashion Festival in Paris was a showcase of how the title not only monetises from events but also boosts brand awareness.

    Published 10 December 2018 Features
  • How Kalmbach Media is tackling reinvention

    In the year since new CEO Dan Hickey helmed suburban Milwaukee-based Kalmbach Media, he has been focused on the rapid transformation of the company from a traditional print publisher into a provider of high-quality media and related services for modern enthusiast audiences.  

    Published 10 December 2018 Features
  • How and why politics, social issues and the F word have taken centre stage in mainstream women’s publishing

    The last decade has been a fascinating one for women's mainstream media. Established titles have undertaken the shift from print to digital and in some instances have pioneered new ways of engaging their audiences.

    Published 10 December 2018 Features
  • How The Site magazine uses a collaborative management structure

    The Site magazine is an independent magazine focusing on architecture and urbanism in Canada. It has editors, contributors, stockists, and subscribers in Canada, the US, Australia, Europe and India.

    Published 07 December 2018 Features
  • WSJ on placing the subscription model at the heart of international partnerships

    Joe Martin is vice president for commercial partnerships for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), focussing on the Asia-Pacific region. Here, he looks at how the publication is leveraging its brand globally to grow the audiences of itself and the international partner companies that it works with.

    Published 06 December 2018 Features
  • How Vivendi's video platform Dailymotion's hyper-personalisation spurred audience growth

    In the year since Dailymotion pivoted to a premium viewing experience for consumers, Vivendi's video-sharing website has seen an increase in audience growth, doubling year over year.

    Published 03 December 2018 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from November

    We’ll soon be looking back on the year that was, and analysing some key trends to watch in 2019. But before we do, November was a busy month, so let’s take a deep dive into some of the leading media tech trends to hit the headlines and influence the industry in recent weeks.

    Published 03 December 2018 Features
  • How Paris Match uses legacy storytelling to find success on Snapchat

    By using the fundamentals of legacy storytelling, one of the oldest magazines in France, Paris Match, has become one of the most popular brands on modern platform, Snapchat Discover. Marion Mertens, digital editor in chief at Paris Match, explained how they managed to pull this off at the recent FIPP Insider event in Paris.

    Published 03 December 2018 Features
  • The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Troy Young, president, Hearst Magazines, on creating content with purpose

    “I would say that in all mediums we have to serve the customers and understand how we are serving those customers. And I call that content with purpose. And I think we just have to be incredibly mindful, whenever we’re delivering a magazine into someone’s home or we are engaging that consumer on YouTube, why we’re there and how we make someone’s life better. Print is heavily edited and curated and it’s like a celebration or an event that happens once a month. And there’s something really wonderful about that. And it’s a lean-back experience that I think gives a consumer a break from the intensity of the digital world. And I think increasingly that people are going to look for that. So, print plays a really important role in saying this is important and this has a place in culture, and take a moment to think and read about this and consume it. And I think our magazines are going to play an important role in how we do that for a long, long time.” - Troy Young on the role of print today

    Published 30 November 2018 Features
  • Finding your ROCI - strategies to improve return on content

    Most publishers work hard to create great creative content but then fail to adhere to basic processes to improve Return On Content Investment (ROCI), Jacob Gjørtz, vice president marketing for software company CCI Europe, told delegates to both of the recent FIPP Insider events in Amsterdam and Paris.

    Published 29 November 2018 Features
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