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Here are five free online courses you can take to upskill

The demand for shareable content and effective consumer marketing activity continues to rise. Olga Nasalskaya looks at five free online courses you can take, to refresh your knowledge and learn new skills.

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Virtual Reality

Do you know the difference between VR and AR? How can you apply these hot concepts to produce content for your website? This course will help you understand the fundamentals and teach you the most efficient way to create virtual reality films. A cinematic VR Course is here. If this one is not enough, more free online classes on VR are here.

SEO strategy

You can’t get enough knowledge about ever-changing search engines and how to work with them. Make sure that you know the basics by taking this course. It was produced in 2015, and everything mentioned in the video still applies today.  

Email marketing

Newsletters are back! Learn about email marketing essentials and how to design effective newsletters. Both classes are short. Even though MailChimp team members produced these series, any newsroom will benefit from watching the course because same principles apply to all mail agents.   

Video production

The audience loves DIY videos. You probably have social media team that produces videos for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. However, any writer and marketing manager could benefit from this 13 minute-long class. It teaches you how to make a high-quality, shareable video with tips such as the best length, video editing speed, and messages that viewers respond to. Want to know how to produce something more professional and less DIY? A free class on creating pro video with tools you already own is here. 

Data visualisation

Two very different classes that will help you understand how to make the content more readable and memorable. First class, “Visual Thinking: Drawing Data to Communicate Ideas”, is 60 minutes long. It will teach you practical drawing techniques and explains how drawing helps you communicate ideas clearer and faster. This skill helps in presentations, working with editorial producers and designers. Another class, Condensing the News: An Introduction to Data Visualization, is not free, but you can get this 1 hour 27 minutes course for $0.99 if you sign up for SkillShare premium. You can cancel at any time. This class teaches you how to build data sets and design them into one beautiful and straightforward graphic.


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