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The stories you read most on in 2017

Stories about business and revenue models, about transformation and innovation, about data and audience engagement, and – as one would expect – about magazine media and brands, made up the bulk of most read stories on in 2017.


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Perhaps not surprising, the search for workable business and revenue models drew much attention in 2017. Most read stories included:

February: How Meredith fuels its revenue growth across channels

March: One company’s ‘blueprint’ for magazine media to thrive

April: Publisher business models in the age of platforms

April: What digital companies and publishers should learn from China

May: How Haymarket plans to grow its automotive sector

May: Monetisation: six strategies for increasing average revenue per reader

June: How Aller Media Finland unlocked the value of data-for-profit

July: How six initiatives led to stunning audience and revenue growth for BBC Good Food

July: How Hearst UK unlocks significant value with revenue stream diversification

October: Maximising audience revenue


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Along with the above, stories on circulation and subscription, advertising, events and video strategies were popular.

February: How Hearst UK is developing ‘Events-as-a-Service’

April: Condé Nast and Joe Media on creating a sustainable video strategy

June: Five industry experts give their insights into emerging subscription models

July: How a Canadian publisher turned ‘the traditional ad model on its head’

August: How Quartz approaches online advertising with ‘less is more’

August: How The Economist turned circulation into its most profitable revenue line

September: How Brazilian publisher Grupo Abril achieved revenue increases by decluttering ad inventory

October: Building B2C and B2B subscription revenues into the dominant revenue stream

October: How subscriptions became a driver of profit at The Economist

October: Proof that magazine media still deliver the best results for advertisers


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One of the major industry stories this year – widely read on in late November, early December – was of course Meredith’s purchase of Time Inc., which Meredith CEO Steve Lacy described as ‘a truly transformative moment’. Several other stories on transformation also caught users’ eyes.

March: Transformation in India: Vikatan’s plans to grow digital revenues five-fold by 2020

April: Digital media strategy: verticals, consolidation and the 'squeezed middle'

April: Lessons for all publishers from the transformation of Abril in Brazil

May: Prisma Media transformation chief: ‘Nothing will ever be the same again’

July: The remarkable transformation of Atlantic Media’s National Journal

September: New Hearst UK CEO’s strategy for success

September: 100 years of Forbes… and the future to come

November: Globalising your niche: Building Vogue International

November: A roadmap with ‘six major levers for digital transformation’

December: BuzzFeed founder’s fixes for 'media in crisis’ has a familiar ring


Innovation in Magazine Media 2017-2018 World Report: Chatbots (FIPP)


Innovation-related stories are always popular and 2017 was no different. Here are some of the most read ones.

January: How The Washington Post drives innovation

February: How Harvard Business Review is embracing the future

February: How Bloomberg innovates at the intersection of media and technology to create new revenue opportunities

March: John Wilpers showcases top trends included in new FIPP Innovation World Report

August: License to thrill

September: Following its success with Slack, Harvard Business Review expands bot strategy

December: Blockchain: can it transform the media? Yes, says Burda CTO


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To say our industry is nothing without its audiences is to state the obvious. Stories on audience engagement (and data) again featured high among most read stories in 2017. They included: 

January: How The Economist built an award-winning engagement strategy

January: A look at AJ+ - Al Jazeera’s unique approach to engaging with millennials

April: How Paris Match's innovative data tool engages audiences during the French election

July: Approaching journalism as a service can provide new revenue opportunities

October: How IDG uses data to understand audience needs, enable growth, and bring in revenue

December: Prisma’s Philipp Schmidt on ‘the big data myth, keys to industry transition’


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Last but not least, stories with a magazine-specific focus often ended up on or near the top of most read stories month to month. Here’s a selection of the most read ones:

January: 2017 could be the year of resurgence for magazines

March: Empire editor: data and research are vital, but so is gut feel – even today

May: What to expect as Hearst Magazines' new Airbnbmag hits the streets

June: Country Living takes readers on a road trip with pioneering front cover

July: Review of Religions: Meet the 115 year old publication finding new resonance today

September: Why print can be child’s play

October: Inside Marie Claire’s pop-up experiential shop in New York’s SoHo

December: Country Living unwraps another innovative cover campaign

December: The Mr. Magazine™ Interview: Print is never going to go away, says Hearst’s Joanna Coles

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