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Innovation 2016 chapter: How to use data to solve all your problems

Data is the Swiss Army knife of publishing. Smart data can solve problems with revenue, content, ad effectiveness, new products, subscriber retention and acquisition, and much more. This chapter download from FIPP's Innovation in Magazine Media 2016-2017 World Report shows you how. 

Data can help publishers, editors and ad directors answer, among others, the questions of:

• How to replace the failing advertising-based media business model

• How to develop content that leads to increased audience engagement

• How to attract, retain, and monetise new readers/customers

The small data chapter from Innovation includes data-driven actions to take before you publish and actions to take after you publish, how to get non-digital data, how to measure reader engagement and the questions to ask yourself about data tools before you write any cheques.

Download the full chapter (free)

Innovation book 2016 ()

Order the Innovation 2016-2017 World Report here

Or pre-order at the special discounted rate the new Innovation 2017-2017 World Report which will be launched 20 March 2017

Come see the editor, John Wilpers, present the new edition at its launch at the 10th FIPP/VDZ Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) taking place in Berlin, 19-21 March 2016.

The Innovation Report is a survey prepared by the Innovation Media Consulting Group for FIPP. Innovation Media Consulting is a a global consultancy helping publishers succeed in the digital age. John Wilpers and Juan Señor, editors of the book, are available to present the case studies included in the report to your teams at your companies. If you wish to bring innovation home, or want to buy a bulk order at discounted rates, please contact Helen Bland at FIPP.

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