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Final chance to sign up for FIPP Insider Helsinki, for free

FIPP Insider is an opportunity to learn, share intelligence and network with media colleagues. It is an investment of only a few hours out of the office for what could make a world of difference in your business tomorrow.


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Today is your final chance to sign up for FIPP Insider, taking place on 15 March next week at the head office of UPM in Helsinki. Attendance for those in media and related companies is free.

However, with only a few more places remaining, we advise you to sign up now, as we will have to close registrations as soon as the remaining places are filled.


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FIPP Insider Helsinki starts at 10:30 and ends at 16:00 on 15 March, with a networking lunch included. Here is what to expect:

- Hear from FIPP’s James Hewes about the top lessons from last year’s FIPP World Congress in London where 100 international speakers shared their insights and ideas for the industry.

- Find out how a Finnish publisher plans to tap into eHealth service trends with smart platforms and innovative storytelling.

- Learn how a 160-year-old Norwegian publisher turned itself around through experimentation, adaptation and reorganisation.

- Gain insight into how UPM builds for a sustainable future for paper.

- Consider with Peter Houston what all the stories of late about restructuring, rethinking and/or pivoting at digital darlings mean for newer and legacy media publishers alike.

- Find out why a top UK publisher believes if print media did not exist today, we would’ve invented it “as the most marvellous medium ever”…

- And last but not least, participate with your own questions as our speakers join us again for a final panel discussion, focusing and sharing their ideas on the future of multi-platform media into 2020

Visit for more on the sessions and speakers, as well as to apply to attend before places run out.

We hope to see you in Helsinki!



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