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Axel Springer's Insider Inc. and eMarketer to merge

Axel Springer announced plans to bring together its US companies Insider Inc. and eMarketer in 2020.


Insider Inc eMarketer ()


Insider Inc. publishes Business Insider, Markets Insider, Insider and provides subscribers with insight, data, and analysis via Business Insider Intelligence (BII). eMarketer provides research in the digital space of marketing, media, and commerce. 

The combined group will benefit from BII’s expanding breadth of coverage and the large platform of Business Insider, while leveraging eMarketer’s brand recognition, credibility, and proprietary methodology.

Jan Bayer, president News Media International at Axel Springer SE, said: “We are very happy with Insider and eMarketer. Thanks to the excellent teams and great leadership of Henry Blodget, Terry Chabrowe and Geoff Ramsey, both companies are perfectly positioned in terms of relevance, products and financial performance. As we are entering the next phase of our US growth strategy, we will combine the growth and reach of Insider Inc. with the unsurpassed expertise of eMarketer, thereby creating the condition for sustainable long-term growth also in the B2B sector. Insider and eMarketer will both benefit from this next phase of development. They will be able to expand their market position in the US and internationally, informing and educating more customers with their enhanced products and services.”

Insider and eMarketer will join forces on January 1, 2020. Henry Blodget, founder and CEO of Insider, will serve as the CEO of the new group. President of the newly formed joint division for business information services will be Barbara Peng, currently president of BII. Geoff Ramsey, co-founder and chief content officer of eMarketer, will become chief evangelist of the newly formed B2B division. Terry Chabrowe, co-founder and CEO of eMarketer, will serve on the board of directors and will advise on strategic decisions.

Said Henry Blodget, added: “BII and eMarketer are both excellent at what they do – but combined they will be a force to reckon with. Our plans for the combined group are ambitious: Together with our colleagues from eMarketer we want to build the next generation digital research company that will be the go-to place for those shaping the digital transformation happening across all industries.”

Said Terry Chabrowe: "The team at eMarketer has accomplished a lot – but there’s a lot more potential out there. Bringing Insider Inc. and eMarketer together makes complete strategic sense and will enable both companies to grow to the next level. I am excited about the future and looking forward to working with the group and its leadership team.”

Geoff Ramsey said: “I am proud of what we have built at eMarketer and so grateful for the excellent team that has made our success possible. And now with our colleagues at Insider Inc., we have the right, complementary partner to help us scale to the next level, benefiting our clients with expanded content coverage and enhanced tools. I am looking forward to actively shaping this next phase together with my colleagues Henry and Barbara and with Terry as advisor.”

Insider employs around 500 people worldwide. About 160 people work at eMarketer. Both companies are based in New York.

Axel Springer is a member of FIPP.


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