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Event data compliance: Are you still leaving your data on the table?

In the run up to the May 2018 GDPR implementation date, organisations of all shapes and sizes were tightening their data security procedures to meet the requirements of the impending deadline. 


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A year later, it is not just senior management and IT staff left with the ongoing, day-to-day concern of maintaining GDPR compliance. Now, it’s also the responsibility of event organisers and marketers to make decisions on how to capture and store the data of event registrants and attendees. This includes thinking about where data can be stored, how long for, who has access to it and was the right level of consent captured for the follow up activities they have in mind?

At a time when GDPR breaches are being recorded and actively fined, it’s clear this 4-letter acronym is not simply an empty threat, but instead a fully enforced regulation. Yet within the meetings and events industry, paper data capture and badges neatly lined-up on the registration desk are just the tip of the ‘GDPR breach’ iceberg that could cause a major shipwreck.

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