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Roularta launches Roularta Digital hub and Innovation Lab, appoints Stefan Seghers as CDO

Stefan Seghers ()

Stefan Seghers has been appointed chief digital officer (CDO) of Roularta Media Group (RMG) from 3 September 2018. Seghers will lead the newly established Roularta Digital hub. Stefan will also be a member of the Management Team and report to CEO Xavier Bouckaert.

Roularta Digital hub will accelerate digitisation at RMG. The division will also support the various business units in their digital transformation.

Roularta Digital hub consists of three units:

Data and new business

This department will handle the analysis and enrichment of data for the advertising market and the readership market. Furthermore, the department will be responsible for implementing new revenue models and the deployment of new technologies at RMG. Mark Daemen will lead the unit. 

Web/app development and digital marketing

This unit is responsible for the web/app development of digital platforms with a focus on user experience. In addition, the unit manages traffic to all RMG platforms and offers extensive expertise in the areas of SEO, SEA, social media and affiliate marketing. The department will be led by William De Nolf, who until today was director of new media at RMG.


This department is responsible for operating the Storesquare ecommerce platform, but also for the development and support of ecommerce activities associated with the media brands of RMG (Weekend, Libelle/Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, Flair, Feeling/Gaël, She Deals,…). Frederik Wybo will lead this unit. He succeeds Stefan Seghers in this position. 

RMG is also establishing an Innovation Lab to investigate new technologies, tools, software and start-ups, and to evaluate their added value for RMG. To this end, the Innovation Lab will also be concluding partnerships with universities and colleges. The aim is to enable innovation at an early stage and increase operational efficiency at RMG. The Innovation Lab will be led full-time by Erwin Danis, who has been with Roularta for more than 30 years, mainly as director of Premedia.

RMG aims with this new structure to accelerate the digital growth of all activities and respond alertly to innovative applications.

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