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Tamedia talk about making their digital future a reality

Tamedia, Switzerland’s leading private media group, will be live on stage with WoodWing at IFRA World Publishing Expo and DCX in Berlin.

Three of Tamedia’s key players, Franz Bürgi, CIO, Marco Di Bernardo, digital publishing and development, and Patrick Stalder, head of project and application management, will discuss how they see digitisation as the foremost opportunity to reach new customers and markets.


Tamedia Woodwing ()


By 2020 Tamedia aim to become one of Europe’s leading digital media enterprises, and they are using WoodWing’s Enterprise Aurora to help get them there.

Attend DCX 2018 in Berlin and find out how they are pro-actively shaping their future with forward-thinking projects and technology. The three experts from Tamedia will share their vast experience and valuable insights into:

  • The challenges they see in the market and how they are overcoming these
  • How they are transforming themselves from a print-driven publishing house into a channel-neutral content production powerhouse
  • Their vision of taking Tamedia into the Cloud and achieving fluent editorial production in one system
  • Where they are today in regards to their projects,
  • And what they are driven to achieve in the future.


If you want to come and learn from the experts...

IFRA World Publishing Expo & Digital Content Expo will take place from 9-11 October 2018, at the Messe Berlin in Germany.

Tamedia will be on the DCX Content Stage in Hall 21b on Day One of the exhibition, Tuesday 9th October at 10.45am.

If you would like to meet with WoodWing and come and see Tamedia on stage, we have Free Multi-Day Entrance Ticket available.


Click here to book a meeting with WoodWing and receive your free tickets


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