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Download the DIS 2019 speaker presentations

View and download the speaker presentations from the Digital Innovators' Summit, 25-26 March, Berlin.


Nick Rockwell NYTimes ()


Please note that we will ONLY share those presentations we have been given permission to share by the speakers.

Available presentations are listed below.

Any problems/questions? Ask Sylkia.


Day 1

Vince Errico, Trusted Media Brands: R&D for product innovation and new revenue streams

Christoph Schmitz, Aller Media: Lessons from building a corporate paywall

Reed Philips, Oaklins International: How M&A rewards innovation

Bella Hurrell, BBC News: Experiments in mobile-first visual storytelling

Jessica Rovello, Arkadium: How to fix broken ad models

Nicolas Pernet: How The Blick-Group innovated by tapping into the e-sports trend

Helje Solberg, Faktisk: Team of Rivals - How the six largest media companies in Norway created an alliance fighting fake news

Jennifer Brandel, Hearken: Optimising trust and revenue through engagement

James Hewes, FIPP: 2019 Digital Subscriptions Snapshot

Jonathan Dorn, Active Interest Media: How Active Interest Media builds 360-degree brands

Katie Vanneck-Smith, Tortoise: Why and how Tortoise Media wants to be a new kind of media

Nick Rockwell, The New York Times: News in the age of algorithmic optimisation

Julie Roehm, Creative Bug: 6 lessons learned the hard way launching a digital video subscription business


Watch this space as we'll keep updating the list as we get permission to release more presentatations.

Nancy Spears, genconnectU: Pivoting from a media company to a new breed of business

Sarah Alvarez, Outlier Media: Build audience by filling information gaps on demand

Heather Bryant, Project Facet: Helping newsrooms manage and execute collaborative, high quality journalistic projects

Hannah Williams, BBC Good Food, and Max Amordeluso, Amazon Alexa: A journey in voice

Tom Halank, Axel Springer: IAB TCF and upcoming challenges with consent management

Ling Fan: Human and machine in design

Steve Johnson, SeeBoundless: Building AR journalism projects for top media brands of various sizes



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