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MPA data shows mobile audiences are three times greater than web audiences

Data from MPA's monthly brand audience report shows a quarter of brands surveyed say mobile audiences are three times or greater than their web audiences. In October 2015, the report showed the mobile web platform had a 29 per cent share of total audience, whereas in October 2016, its share has increased to 32 per cent.

Other data in the report shows print, including digital editions, is "essentially flat" with +1.3 per cent growth, while the web audience continues to shift from viewing on desktops and laptops to mobile devices: desktop/laptop web audience is down -9 per cent with mobile web viewing up +12.2 per cent. At the same time, audiences on the video platform continue to grow at a significant rate of +30.8 per cent. Overall, the total magazine media 360° audience is up +3.6 per cent vs a year ago.

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Several editorial content categories exhibited above average growth among magazine brands this month in total magazine media 360° audience: women’s fashion and beauty, travel, and science and technology.

It is worth noting that this period reflects the weeks leading up to the presidential election, which is always a peculiar media month, exceptionally so this year. Audiences spend a lot of time online following the news of the election but not necessarily visiting their usual magazine media sites.

Finally, the GfK MRI Fall 2016 release just came out, and the results are favourable when compared to year ago. GfK MRI measured a total of 168 magazines, of which 120 are Brand Audience Report participants. The total universe of all measured publications increased their print and digital audience by 6.1 per cent over the Fall 2015 survey, while the Brand Audience Report participants increased their Print+Digital audience by 6.6 per cent over the Fall 2015 survey, with more than one third (44) of them seeing a double-digit increase year over year. These positive results will start being reflected in next month’s brand audience report.

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